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    The 1/4 Fortress Cube bundle is perfect for those just getting started with Crystal Fortress®, as a gift for a special somebody, or to display your small Warhammer Warband, X-Wing miniatures, or any squad based game.  A options by offering both Beluga and Orca sized Cases.

    Display Your Warhammer 40,000 Mini's in Style

    Do you want more?  Add the 3/4 Fortress Cube to create a huge cube of Crystal Fortress awesomazingness!  We had to create a new word to properly describe the emotion you will feel when combining both bundles!

    When combining the 1/4 and 3/4 Fortress Cube bundles together, Crystal Fortress takes no responsibility for customer dizziness, blacking out, uncontrollable crying, exuberant high fist punching, spontaneous phantom fanfare, and/or lock jaw from the most epic "WOW" you have ever uttered.  Please combine at your own risk!

     1/4 Fortress Cube

    Illustration showing one orca miniature gaming cover, two beluga miniature gaming cases, & one orca acrylic case for miniature table top gaming.


    •  Maximum troop capacity 67 miniatures (25mm based).  35 miniatures per Orca Case, 16 miniatures per Beluga Case.

    •  Patented connection system requires no glue and allows for easy assembly.

    •  Professional grade LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity to showcase your miniatures.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight will protect your miniatures.

    •  100% modular and stackable design works flawlessly with all other Crystal Fortress® Cases, Covers, & Storage Pods.

    •  Orca Transport box can be used as a light-travel carrying case with installation of Transport Strap (sold separately).

    •  Microfiber cloth supplied for easy-clean maintenance.

    •  Crystal Shards Replacement Policy protects your investment;  Replace a broken or scratched part for the manufactured cost of the part & shipping.

    Layout Layer Options

    For the Orca Case

    •  One Medium Layout Layer (recommended).

    •  Two Small Layout Layers. 

    For each Beluga Case

    •  One Small Layout Layer.


    Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Layout Layers, Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Cadian S.S.
One of the best model cases I have ever seen!

This is the most innovative display case on the market. The way they problem solved the issue of carrying and beautifully displaying our models outdoes everyone in the industry. The cases are sturdy and top notch precision made. The care in packaging to get it safely shipped to you was also impressive, featuring layers of cardboard, paper, and plastic to ensure your case comes pristine. With the cleaning solution, Crystal Fortress also make it easy to keep the case looking amazing. I can easily fit an entire Astra Militarum combat patrol box into one of these cases, which is impressive! Overall, if you want to display your model and transport them safely, this case does it better than any other.

Matt S.

Love the display case! Easy to assemble - assuming you read the directions and don't act like me and ignore that step! Already purchased more!

Patrick T.
Good product and great customer service

I bought the 1/4 Fortress cube to help store kill teams and protection for a move. The product itself is easily put together and looks very good on the shelf. Has the potential to store quite a few minis in the Orcha case (16 25mm and 10 32mm with the layout base). The Beluga cases are a good size for individual squads or kill teams. The acrylic is very clear and easily cleanable with the Crystal Fortress cloth provided. As a side note I got in touch with customer service about how my order may not have made it to me before my move and they gladly moved my order up to get it to me on time. Huge shout out to my boy Scott for helping me.


Assembly is fairly simple so long as you're mindful that the pieces have an inward and outward-facing side. Not too much force is needed to slide them into locking position, and once in place it's very secure. Material is extremely clear and aesthetically pleasing - I received a fair amount of compliments!

Alexander D.C.
Great Product!

Really love the product, very nice and displays wel

placing miniature into acrylic case

Step 1: Choose the right Layout Layers

25 rare-earth magnets and flexible metal discs

Step 2: Pick up enough Troop Magnets & Targets

Carrying a crystal fortress display case system

Step 3: Purchase a Transport Strap

Step 4: Dominate the Table-top

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