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Feature Focus

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Professional Grade Materials

Professional Grade Materials

Crystal Fortress uses only the highest quality Lucite acrylic. This gives your miniatures the crystal clear view they deserve, while offering the best protection!

100% Modular

100% Modular

With three base sizes, all designed to work seamlessly together, you have unlimited stacking options as you build your very own unique Crystal Fortress! From 6 mm scaled tanks to 12 inch tall dragons, Crystal Fortress has you covered.

Patented Connection System

Patented Connection System

Crystal Fortress uses a tab and ball joint locking system. This patented design means no gluing required and part replacement is a snap.

Magnetize Your Minis

Magnetize Your Minis

Using our powerful rare earth magnets and targets, models can be secured directly to the case without touching any other surface. Gone are the days of broken spears, sword tips, and banners!

Crystal Fortress Pods

Organizational Tsunami Tamed

For those that don't want to settle on generic storage trays, Crystal Fortress has the solution! Our Large Pod with specialized dividers can be configured in over 10,000 ways for your unique storage needs.

Transport Made Simple

Transport Made Simple

Our budget sensitive transport strap turns your Orca or Humpback retail box into a slick carrying case that is sure to draw attention!

Dust Free

Farewell Dust, We Won't Miss You!

Tired of the slow creep of dust and grime covering your beautifully painted models and dioramas? Fight back with a dust resistant sealed Crystal Fortress case. Let your case get dusty, not your models!

Laser Precision

Laser Precision

Laser technology is used to cut each piece of your Crystal Fortress with exacting precision. A pinch of laser precision delicately mixed with a helping of hand-crafted quality ensures the perfect recipe every time! Not to mention, lasers are really cool!