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  • Humpback Fortress Cube: Premium Display Solution for Miniature Collectors.


    Dive deep into the world of Crystal Fortress® with the Humpback Fortress Cube. Designed for the passionate collector, this cube is the pinnacle of display, protection, and storage for your prized army. 

    Let in The Light & Give Your Miniatures the Respect They Deserve

    Give your miniatures the spotlight they deserve. With unmatched clarity, every detail of your army shines through, protected from dust, UV rays, and the test of time. 

    What's Inside the Humpback Fortress Cube?

    •  One - 1" Humpback Cover


    •  Two - 2" Humpback Cases


    •  One - 4" Humpback Case


    •  One - Humpback Transport Box

    Features & Benefits:

    • Easy Transport: Center handles on Humpback Cases ensure effortless carrying. Need more space? Simply remove the handle. 

    • Capacity: Store up to 210 miniatures (25mm based) with 70 miniatures per Humpback Case. 

    No-Glue Assembly: Our patented connection system is hassle-free. 

    • Crystal-Clear Display: Professional-grade acrylic ensures your miniatures are showcased in all their glory. 

    • UV Protection: Guard your miniatures against the harmful effects of sunlight.  

    • Modularity: Our 100% modular design integrates seamlessly with all Crystal Fortress® products. 

    • Travel Ready: Convert the transport box into a light-travel carrying case with an additional Transport Strap. 

    Maintenance: A microfiber cloth is included for easy cleaning. 

    • Peace of Mind: Our Crystal Shards Replacement Policy has you covered. Replace any damaged part at the manufacturing cost plus shipping. 

    Layout Layer Options For Each Humpback Case:

    •  Two Medium Layout Layers (recommended).

    •  One Medium Layout Layer; two Small Layout Layers.*

    •  Four Small Layout Layers.* 

    * Center handle installation required.


      Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Layout Layers, Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 159 reviews
    Charles H.
    Great way to display your miniatures!

    The Crystal Fortress display case system is an absolutely fantastic method for storing and displaying my miniatures. I have bought the Humpback Fortress Cube, the Humpback Case and Humpback Cover, and many layout layers including custom layouts and the quality has been terrific. The modular design of their products is amazing and allows me to change the layout of how I want to display my miniatures very quickly. This modular design also allows you to stack the cases as high as you want, though I would recommend caution if you want to stack really high. The custom layout service is also great as it allows you to really show off your miniatures exactly the way you envision. Finally, the customer support was phenomenal and was great to work with. If you are considering options for displaying your miniatures, you can not go wrong with ordering from Crystal Fortress.

    Second To None

    I have tried many different display/storage cases for my miniatures (and I have been playing Warhammer since 1998***), but nothing compares to Crystal Fortress. The clarity, durability, and esthetic of the case is unbelievable. While it allows you to fully customize the storing of your miniatures to your liking, it saves you space and prevents them from crashing one another in transport. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny. I have bought many of their products (from cases to magnets) and every one of them is top-of-the-line quality. Totally recommend this product to any hobbyist.


    Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. Big Red is spinning in circles knocking around drones. He must have liked reading your review :)

    Tyler C.

    This product is incredible. Having gotten into 40K recently, I have been looking into ways to store and transport my models easily while also organizing them. After building the cube, it was perfect, it fit everything I had built so far with lots extra room. The modular nature of Crystal fortress gives me hopes for the future as I grow my army, knowing purchasing new segments to build upon the kit. This is definitely worth the purchase, especially as a starting point for storing and displaying your miniatures.

    Michael N.
    Big, beautiful, expensive, and easy to break during assembly

    I've collected a few fortresses over the past four years or so, and they're great for storage and display both; toss down a magnetic sheet and they're perfect. Aside from the rather exorbitant price, I do have one other gripe from my first purchase, and it's been long enough that it unfortunately came into play with this one as well.

    The locking ball mechanism is intended to be inserted through only one side of each piece. If you try to insert it from the other side, it requires a LOT of extra pressure to get through, and can easily break the piece. Across five fortress bundles with an extra humpback layer each, I've broken two bases, and two side pieces, all trying to get the latches to insert on the wrong side. This is easily avoidable for the pieces etched with the logo, as you are intended to face the logo outwards. For the other pieces, however, there is nothing anywhere on the product or instructions to indicate that one side is intended, or how to tell which side you should insert from.

    Fortunately, the pieces seem to take to plastic glue well, so as long as you don't mind a big crack in your piece, it'll still work fine. Still, with how easily they break and how big the profit margin has to be for these, it's really a shame CF doesn't include a couple extra pieces, balls, and pad stickers - at least in the big fortress cube bundle.

    Please reach out to us so we can assist you with any replacement part needed! All parts will have an etching somewhere that will help you know the direction to rotate. The large bases have small etching on the tabs around the edge.

    Talon O.
    Super nice!!

    It’s really awesome and gonna look even better when I put my chaos army in it. 🤌

    placing miniature into acrylic case

    Step 1: Choose the right Layout Layers

    25 rare-earth magnets and flexible metal discs

    Step 2: Pick up enough Troop Magnets & Targets

    Carrying a crystal fortress display case system

    Step 3: Purchase a Transport Strap

    Step 4: Dominate the Table-top

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