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    Get ready to release the doves to a fanfare of epic proportion!  This is what you have always wanted!  The Iron Sheet is here!!!

    Now you can place any sized model, anywhere you want!  Huge wings, spikey tails, extra-long sharp talons?  No problem!  With a Crystal Fortress Iron Sheet all those beautifully detailed models will come out of the dark for all to see!


    Say this three times quickly:

    Flexible Metal Vinyl Sheeting


    GIF of Orca Case with Iron Sheet


    The Iron Sheet is sized to fit an Orca case or cover. Buy two to fill a Humpback or easily cut one in half to use in a Beluga. 

    Want full control of where to place those highly detailed larger miniatures?  Now you have it with a Crystal Fortress Iron Sheet.



    Flexibility Granted

    Iron Sheets allow you to securely place magnetized miniatures down where every you want!  Easily cut the sheet with a razor blade to the size you need. 

    Where will you stick your Iron Sheet?  There are many options to those who are creative!  



    1. Cut and remove a 1" strip of adhesive film.

    Peel a 1" strip from adhesive film


    2. Align the longest edge on the base layer.

    Align the longest edge on the base layer


    3. Apply pressure to secure 1" strip.

    Apply pressure to secure 1" strip


    4. Peel remaining adhesive film.

    Peel remaining adhesive film


    5. Carefully sweep down and apply pressure to fully secure.

    Carefully sweep down and apply pressure to fully secure


    6. Ready to assemble your Crystal Fortress!

    Crystal Fortress Orca Case with Iron Sheet




    •  Solid flexible ferrous vinyl sheet allows magnets to attach.

    •  Formulated with the perfect amount of magnetic pull to keep your miniatures secure.

    •  Professional grade 3M adhesive.

    •  Sized to fit one Orca sized case/cover.  Two are required for a Humpback sized case/cover. 

    •  Easily able to cut with a razor, or heavy duty scissors. 

    •  To help maintain the amount of light entering the cases, we recommend installing the Iron Sheet in the lowest case layer.

    NOTE: Layout Layers cannot be installed with an Iron Sheet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Vincent S.
Good hold

I don't have to worry about them moving

Perfectly sized and easy to use

Effective and looks nice

Dave D.
Love these sheets

I'm a big fan of these iron sheets. I usually stagger them or use them on the very bottom of my fortress so that I don't block all lighting, but I can shift parts of my army for transport without having set templates on my bottom layers. Highly recommend these!

Talon O.
Love em!!

These sheets are some much better and strong then the ones I used for my projects would only get them here now

Robert J.
A must-buy for vehicles

Crystal fortress, I need to know where you get this 3M magnetized rubber from. Oh my god it's just absolutely incredible. I've tried a lot of solutions for magnetized storage and this is by far the best. I seriously cannot recommend it enough for vehicles, combined with some of their magnets.

Thanks for the great review! So happy you like our Iron Sheets. We spent a lot of time to make sure it has just enough strength to keep your magnetized mini's in place. If it was closer to sheet metal, the pull would be too great and could break fragile minis.
FYI, With the smaller targets, you can be creative on where you place your minis. Put a target on the side of a 2' Small Pod & you will have a perfect case for a single miniature!

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