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HUMPBACK CASE | Acrylic Modular Display Case

  • Choose a size based on the height of your miniatures.  If you need more space, add a Cover for those tall banners and dreadnoughts!

    Bring your miniatures the respect they deserve

    Don't forget to add Layout Layers, Troop Magnets, and Troop Targets to properly secure your miniatures and gain the full benefit of the Crystal Fortress Display Case System.


    •  Comes with center handle for easy carrying; Handle is able to be removed when extra space is needed.

    •  Maximum troop capacity 70 miniatures (25mm based).

    •  Patented connection system requires no glue and allows for easy assembly.

    •  Professional grade LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity to showcase your miniatures.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight will protect your miniatures.

    •  100% modular and stackable design works flawlessly with all other Crystal Fortress® Cases, Covers, & Storage Pods.

    •  Crystal Shards Replacement Policy policy protects your investment;  Replace a broken or scratched part for the manufactured cost of the part & shipping.

    Layout Layer Options

    •  Two Medium Layout Layers (recommended).

    •  One Medium Layout Layer; two Small Layout Layers.*

    •  Four Small Layout Layers.* 

    * Center handle installation required.


      Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Layout Layers, Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

    modular stackable acrylic display case system


    Crystal Fortress brings the respect your miniatures deserves by showcasing them in beautiful acrylic display cases.  Stop hiding your miniatures in foam trays that break off delicate parts, or home-made containers that take forever to build.  Crystal Fortress is what you have always been looking for!

    100% modular display cases stacking

    100% Modular Acrylic Case Stacking System

    Sizing illustration showing acrylic case and cover height

    Create your very own Crystal Fortress®

    Use our Size Guide to help you choose the best combination of Cases and Covers for your miniatures.  From vertical clear space, to overall area, our Size Guide is your first step to designing the ultimate display case system for your valuable collection!

    Size Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    I like mine

    I like this case. I just had to be gentle while putting it together because I didn't want to force anything too much. Be patient and gentle while building and you will have no problems. Also, the instruction videos are a big help. Pay attention to them and you shouldn't have any problems.


    I love these cases, not only do they protect my miniatures they show them off. I will be purchasing more as I get more miniatures.

    Taller Models With Ease

    The Humpback works great for models of different sizes. It works particularly great with larger models.

    Cant have enough

    So I got a Humpback case and cover as an extra to the bundle and it fits on it perfectly, the only downside is that I didnt plan well enough and now I need to buy a few more :)

    This is What You Want

    Before you buy anything else, and I mean anything (other than a bundle that has a humpback case), get yourself a humpback case. It's footprint is huge and you can put tons of minis in there. If you're using layout layers, you can fit most if not all of your troops into a single one of these and leave your specialists like elites and hq choices to smaller and more singular cases. The center handle being optional is one of the smartest choices this case brings, because it means that you can put all kinds of bigger and more imposing looking stuff in here with sheeting and magnets. I'll definitely be picking up another one of these just for that purpose. I love these cases and I love how roomy this one is.


    I like that you can choose not to include the central handle and thus make room for truly large bases.

    An Adeptus Mechanicus dune crawler is 130mm across, and doesn’t fit on one side. But with the iron sheets and the central handle removed I’ve got 2 dunecrawlers, a knight, 3 tech priest dominus and 2 kastellan robots comfortably placed in my humpback case.

    Also note that you can make efficient use of space by putting tall models on one side with an orca cover, and put an orca case on the other side to hold more models.

    Solid Case

    The Crystal fortress cases have been on my radar since I started to travel with my army via airfare;

    One specific consideration that I needed to address was fitting many of my large models into an efficient space such as the personal item or carry on position on a passenger plane. The modular cube design, seems about perfect for this. My second consideration was that I wanted storage that could act as a display case when my models are not actively in use. This case meets those needs beautifully, with a full 360* view of the models during storage. Currently this case is slated for my new Tyranid force I'm building and my Bloodbowl team the "Richmond Reavers".

    I did decide to include some iron sheets in the build so that one of the 4x2 cases and 4x2 covers could act as a catch all if I needed to bring my Ironjaws out for a small battle as well since the larger base sizes meant that there were fewer similar sizes shared across those two armies. Currently you can see this part on the lowest level of the case since as the product states it does block essentially all of the light coming through the bottom.

    The third consideration that I had for a new case was durability; this is where I have the most apprehension. While I believe the case will hold up great if I bump it or even knock it into something I wonder how the outside will wear over time and if I'll need to find ways to "buff out" scratches. Honestly I'll bet this case will get strapped into my car seat instead of being tossed in the trunk when heading to the store to battle.

    Build includes the following components:
    2* x2 Humpback Case (One with two iron sheets, one with one sheet and a layout layer.)
    2* Humpback Cover (For the bottom case.)
    4* Orca Cover (To give a large space for my Trygon and lictors.)
    2* x2 Orca Case (Stacked for troop storage and my BB team, includes layout layers.)