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Great trays

These trays are excellent for organization and extra security. My Horus Heresy armies are always feeling safe when being transported to fight for the Emperor or for Horus.


An excellent product! I highly recommend the Humpback case to anyone that wants a great way to display their army in any glass case or looking for an efficient way to carry their army to events.

Thanks Big Red!

These cases are fantastic! I was able to fit all my minis in and organize everything nice and easy! Shipment was fast and packaged wonderfully! Thank you for helping me display my minis!

Perfect For Bulky Bikes

A Custodes on a jetbike with a dramatic pose is a big model. This layout layer, with its single, angled slot is perfect for those models. There’s plenty of clearance to the sides and in front for the lance.

High Quality and Perfect for Big Infantry

The 10-man 40mm layout layer is perfect if you play an army with a lot of big infantry like Custodes, where almost everyone is on a 40mm base. The plastic is high quality and the cutouts hold the models well. You should really use magnets for actual security, but all the bases fitting well without huge gaps between them and the layout layer is great from an aesthetic standpoint. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with the two 32mm spots given the army this is for, but I’m not going to complain about their presence and I’m sure there’s a clear use for them for other people.

Perfect for for Custodes Jetbikes

These layout layers are perfect for Custodes Jetbikes that have otherwise kind of awkward footprints. I don’t think they would fit in one of the small cases, but two of these in an Orca case will comfortable hold four bikes (or, if you did what I did, one of these plus the single-model variant). Just make sure the slots are running the LENGTH of the case so you can position the models facing the center. If they’re facing the inner “wall” of the case the lances might not fit correctly.

Shipper Broke It, Company Made It Right

The box had a crushed corner when I brought it in, and two of the locking tabs were crushed when I opened it. As with previous orders, the acrylic itself was high quality and the product was carefully packaged, but whatever FedEx did to it got past that careful packaging.

I'm leaving this at five stars because, when I reached out to Crystal Fortress, they got back to me almost immediately and made it right. Between my initial report and them providing confirmation of the resolution, less than 48 hours passed AND this was over a weekend. I was really only asking about repairability because it obviously wasn't a manufacturing problem, and the fact that they still gave three very satisfactory replacement/refund options was reassuring. I have a replacement on the way and will leave a new review of the part itself when I actually have an intact one.

Beautiful Acrylic, High Quality

The acrylic these cases are made out of is really some of the clearest I've ever seen and had no blemishes or imperfections. It's carefully (and nicely) packaged for shipping, which is good because it's the sort of thing that could get damaged very easily if less care was taken. Assembly is relatively slow to do right, but the process is straightforward and the silicone locking balls, despite some initial skepticism on my part, seem to hold everything in place tightly.

The modularity is REALLY cool. Orca cases fit neatly on top of humpback cases. Covers do not interfere with stackability. Thanks to the anti-skid pads and the way the cases are designed, stacked cases feel incredibly secure. I wouldn't stack them 20 high, nor would I test this stability at a 45-degree angle, but I have no doubt that a reasonable setup would stay intact with kids running around the house and/or small earthquakes.

It is obvious (and the website also makes this clear) that this is a DISPLAY case. If you need to check your army as baggage on a flight... use something else. My guess is that one good drop would break the case, although it would probably protect the models fairly well that one time. It is definitely not for harsh or abusive environments but, as a display/light-duty protection/dust solution it is hands-down the best I've ever seen in terms of hobby usefulness, design, quality, and looks.

I ordered a couple layout layers as well and love them. It seems like such a simple concept and I'm frankly amazed nothing like this existed 20 years ago, but I'm glad it does now.

As with anything that involves working with acrylic sheet, the biggest pieces of advice I have are:
1. Do NOT drop panels while assembling. I didn't drop any panels from this set, but I've done it with other things and acrylic doesn't handle impact with wood or tile floors very well.

2. Apply pressure evenly. I worked each panel into place over the locking balls in several steps, starting from the inside and working my way out. Acrylic sheet has a bit of flex in it, but when it snaps it does so very suddenly.

3. Schedule your manicure for AFTER your build day. Taking the protective film off acrylic always makes at least one of your thumbnails look pretty rough (if there's a tool for this, I haven't found it).

4. Speaking from experience, when you install your layout layers, wipe the bottom of the layer and the case itself, then QUICKLY put the layer in. If you break for lunch and a stray dog hair gets underneath the unsecured layout layer and you don't notice it, you have to take the case apart to get it out. On the plus side, I'm confident that, once assembled, it will be difficult for stray dog hairs to work their way under the layers.

Thank you so much for your very informative review! This is some great information for our future customers to glean from!

You rock,
Big Red

Awesome Case

Absolutely awesome and ingenious design and thoughtfulness for transportation is why I purchased this product, but to have it in person and to have set them up for when I finish my Blades of Khorne army I'm really pleased with the product and the communications team and will be purchasing more for my 40k/eldar/skaven armies when I get around to finishing those projects.

I love it… kind of hard to put together.

It’s a great option for storing my minis. Exactly what I was looking for, kinda like a mini mobile detolf.

But I ended up snapping a panel during assembly, everything still fits together and works. But a word of warning to any heavy handed assemblers.

Best for biggest Baddie

Holds a big custom Undead model for me perfectly.

Great for holding bigger minis

Perfect fit!

Great for Kingdom of death minis

Great product!

Helping minis survive plane rides

I bought this bundle to transport my kill teams. Not only was it safely holding my minis (keeping them in place via magnets) it also LOOKS fantastic.

An extra inch makes all the difference!

I bought the Humpback bundle, but figured I should get a 2" lid to make room for lances of my Boingrot Bounders. It's great because it effectively gives me two 4" display sections. I like the aesthetic of the high ceiling on the top of the tower, rather than have them touch the 1" lid.

The bases are excellent quality, and consistently shaped over 3 separate orders I've placed.

I first started using the Crystal Fortress round bases in 3 sizes, for mounting 3mm PicoArmor WW2 miniatures on, in grouped units of 3-5 miniatures. I wanted the bases to be clear, so I could see the terrain mat through the bases (and therefore not needing to flock the base tops themselves). This worked great for my 3mm game project. Along the way, I thought the bases could also be used for game counters too, since I like the thickness and feel of the acrylic bases. With some custom-sized, prepared and prinrted artwork, that I've punched out with a hobby tool to the size of the clear base tops (their diameter), I have made up over 50 stylish game chits for a 3D conversion project of the old Battle Masters game - the new chits substituting for the original game's activation cards.
When you find a good product, sometimes you find more ways to use it than was originally intended (the Crystal Fortress clear bases are excellent)!

Great case

The case itself is beautiful! It assembled pretty well and i love the elegance. The only negative was the carrying case. It is just the cardboard top and botton the pieces came in. I had to manually cut the holes and i already dropped the case once trying to carry it. Definitely need a better carrying design but the case itself it absolutely beautiful.

Great quality, great service!

First of all their service is fantastic. They provided updates to my order and responded very quickly to any issues or questions I had. The product is beautiful and very well-crafted. The plastic parts are clean and clear and everything fits well together. I look forward to getting more as my collection grows. Thanks!

Gift Card
Samuel H.
Objective Acheived

I was excited to receive a gift card for Xmas and immediately loaded my cart with a ton of stuff. A humpback bundle with additional layers, carrying strap, magnets and targets and lid.

The construction process is pretty easy and fun. It's not really easy to get a good feel for looking on the webstore online how everything fits together but it's pretty straightforward. Everything press fits together and fits snug. I purchased several layout layers hoping to be able to swap out layouts in the same case for different armies on the go. Unfortunately this case does not really like to be disassembled and put back together. Acrylic sheets are pretty flexible but they can break off if pushed too far and there are lots of tabs and slots that need to be in alignment as you press this thing together. I will likely add some more humpback sections for mixing and matching layout layers.

Great for keeping the dust off and the cats out, and it keeps all of your models easy to see. Looks great on a shelf, though extra parts are difficult to store. Definitely love that you have the security of a magnet case with the layouts keeping everything organized. It is a bit more fragile and takes more care when picking up and preparing for transport but no need to unpack between games to keep your display looking good at home.

Works for the Command Edition

I got the command edition instead of the indomitus set and it works well for it as well. I got various combat patrols and christmas battleforces to supplement the missing units :)

My biggest bike needs lots of breathing room

This was a great way to showcase.

Great for Bikes

Holds my chunkier bikes well

Great for my command

This fit all my command in a neat package.


Theyre great for keeping your miniature from sliding everywhere. You can hold this upside down and they wont fall its pretty cool

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