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As much attention to detail as I spend on my minis

My son and I have been playing war games for years, but this is the first purchase from Crystal Fortress. It won't be the last! I was impressed with all the little details and engineering that clearly has gone into this product. From the great packaging to the use of small feet that give the lids and the cases a perfect amount of grip to the clever emails- I am very impressed. We have gone from hiding our minis in foam trays to proudly displaying them in our game room for all to see. Thanks Crystal Fortress, you've got a return customer for sure.
For anybody trying to decide to get this product- its well worth it. The site has a printable template that lets you make sure you have the right layout for your minis, and the cases areas clear as they look on the site- no photoshop magic. I like that I can get different size products and layouts for all the different games we play. It allows me to make really cool display cases that we can pick up and take with us.

How versatile are these fortresses.

After filling the humpback with ASOIAF Free Folk, I the 1/4 fortress ideal taking 4 units of cavalry. The beluga size was great for higher models with the orca lid and displays the commanders at the top of my fortress. The orca carries my other units and allows for a mix of infantry units with the 50/30 mm layout layers. It works so well that I have filled 2 fortresses and have a spare to expand my army. The versatility of the fortresses has allowed me to change up the layouts and find optimum display and tournament travel combinations. It also supports small skirmish games with ease.
Love this product so much that I have already place a large third order for Legion and Asoiaf expansions. My models a free from the dark.


I bought a full 3 layer Fortress, didn't get this strap.... BIG regret. Kept having scares of it falling over heading to the LGS and it was a pain to carry. I now can carry two full size Fortresses with these, no problem.


These things were a life saver! I kept having issues with my models falling over, even with the layout layers. A few of these babies and some of their magnets, problem SOLVED!


These buggers are REALLY strong. I am super impressed. I been using them for loads of stuff. Definitely going to get more!


I got one of these thinking I'd try and put all my accessories in one spot. I did end up taking it separately from the Fortress but it still does work. Fits dice boxes, objectives and Command cards just fine. Best organizational tool I have.


I needed 4 of these, they were cut perfectly and my jetbikes sit perfectly for all to see.


I needed 4 of these, they were cut perfectly and my models sit snug as a bug.


I have put my Harlequins in a Crystal Fortress. I love the way they look. I constantly get compliments for their case too. It's fantastic.


I have put my Harlequins in a Crystal Fortress. I love the way they look. I constantly get compliments for their case too. It's fantastic.

Great fit with the case

Nice simple solution to help you optimize space in your case!

Love it

Thank you! What a wonderful way to display my models

Perfect for some big units and heros

Fits 2 of the 3 endless spells for Ossiarch Bonereapers, 2 Morghasts and some heros great!

The best solution for delicate minis!

As an Infinity painter I’ve struggled for years with bits breaking off and paint chipping and foam eating my paint work. Crystal Fortress is by far the best system I’ve seen for displaying and keeping my minis away from harsh foam. For the first time in years my minis are out of their dark coffin and where I can see them. Crystal Fortress did a great job with some custom layouts for the odd 55mm bases used by the system.

Thank you Crystal Fortress! I hope to see you guys at GenCon with 55mm layouts for my other beleaguered Infinity painters :)

After the case, the most important thing to get

Just like it says; make sure you get this. It's easy to convert the retail package to hold everything together with the strap and it's a solid package. The multiple locks on the clasp keep it feeling really solid.

My favorite case

As much function as the bigger cases have, I find myself coming back to these. These are perfect for skirmish games, and the modularity allows for you to swap out different teams and pods. I have multiple Killteams that I easily run out of these and I always get compliments on my paint jobs.

Very handy

I didn’t order any of these the first time around, but decided to give them a go on my second order. They’ve been great for holding dice, markers and tokens for AoS and Kill Team. Now when I go throw dice with friends I just need to bring this case; no extra carrying cases or bags necessary!

Slowly converting my whole collection

Since I got my first Crystal Fortress case, I’ve decided I would be using them for all of my tabletop games. I’ve sold my old GW cases and magnetized my AoS / 40k armies to use these as my go-to war gaming cases. Recently received my second humpback case, and also ordered larger covers for each so that I can fit a stardrake + Celestant prime nicely.

Thanks for a great product guys

Fantastic cover!

I recently bought my first 4" cover and it is fantastic! Tall enough for a Knight or a Stormraven on the stand!

Fantastic Product!

I absolutely love this product! Over the last year I have managed to put almost all of my 23,000 point Blood Angel army in them and soon I will order more to complete the job! Easy to clean and keeps dust off of my miniatures.

whats needed

You’ll need that for your force either you want to use magnets and targets or not


always very useful thing

simple and useful

Very sturdy, lock system is legit. Youcan be sure that its not gonna open by itself.


The combination of the humpback fortress and 3/4 bundles has brought my army out if the shadows. Having purchasing I was inspired to finish painting and now fully display and transport my free folk army for A song of ice and fire to the envy f my opponents. All units display and store with easy access and visibility. My son loves being able to look at my minis and I love how he can enjoy looking at them without breaking them.
Now to plan my next project and display case.

the best case

Amazing for display and transportation for big armies. My minis are not covered in dust anymore. Got one for myself and one for my buddy