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What's Everyone Saying?
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Great Modular system

I ordered the humpback fortress and it looks and works pretty great for the most part. My only complaint is the smaller top layers of the fortress are just a fraction too small for a couple of my Wraithguard models. They look incredible however, the acrylic is clear and really shows off the models I own, not to mention it doubles as a carrying case. I plan to order another fortress for the next army I will be building in the future.

Perfect in everyway

I been looking all over for casing for my death guard to stop dust getting all over or anything damaging them and this do's it all so if anyone is looking for a case to display anything honestly this is for you

Very nice storage & display unit

Assembly was straight forward, took probably 90min altogether including coffee break. Miniatures look beautiful in them, and the cases are very storage efficient, compared to my usual ikea shelves. Expensive, but worth it.

Great layout

Got this layout for Ork War boss and Meganobz. And fits them amazingly! I did magnetize their arms to swap out weapons as needed but with the right set up there shouldn't be a problem if the arms are on

Great layout

Is a little tight for 1 ork dread and 3 killa kans but I also didn't magnetize their arms so that's my fault. It still fits them perfectly once I turn them in the right way.

Love the Strap

Been using it for a week or so now and can say it's a great job at keeping my mind at peace while moving the case around. Just wish it was a little bigger as the case I'm working on might go beyond the 11 total inches

Wonderful device

Love the case and everything about it!! It finally settles my desire to keep changing my troop transportation!! Will be using it for everything from now on!

Awesome Additions!!

Wonderful little additions that hold the minis in place without fear of them falling or moving during transport. Will be ordering more when I order the new layers I want/need!! Love the product!

65mm Bases

The bases I ordered work perfectly to elevate character.
Good quality and crystal clear. Thanks

All the plaguebearers!

Perfect for holding all my plaguebearers!

Great elite troopers

For smaller games like D&D these are great!

Great holder!

These are great modular ways to put something over my troopers head!


Just finished assembling my crystal fortress humpback! What an amazingly sturdy, high quality, display case. I had very high expectations and this exceeded all of them.

Sean, we notice one of your panels had a rough night! Since there is no glue, we can get that replaced ASAP!!! Please reach out to us and we will take it from there. With Crystal Fortress, we have you covered!

What i was looking for

I've been looking for something like this for years doesn't disappoint. Easy assembled total of 70 figures on display. Will be buying more

Organization and Display all in one.

The product is easy to assemble, and layout layers help everything fit very nicely! The modular system is great for when I'll inevitably need to expand my storage system.

Great for Tau Stormsurge

Works great for Stormsurge, especially inside a Humpback case.

Great quality

Easy to stick on and looks great. I used a stack of magnet to help aim them to get near perfect center.

Solid case both for display and transport

I purchased this case to work as a combination transport and display case. It actually does this job quite well with the simple addition of a corkboard at the bottom and an Iron Pad to help the miniature stay in place.

One of my panels did arrive with a crack in it, but the team were quick to respond and shipped me a new replacement panel quickly.

Absolutely love this...

Worth every penny, fits everything I put in it perfectly even accommodating swords sticking upward and whatnot. With the lid on it has kept my models dust free!

Looks great and was exactly what my growing tower of cases needed to be sturdy. If your tower is 2 cases wide (2 Orcas or 4 Belugas), a Humpback case should act as the base.

I even accidentally broke a part (bent it too much during assembly, totally my fault) and Crystal Fortress replaced it for free (I paid shipping and handling). Great product and great customer support.

I posted a video on Youtube showing the assembly process and how it fits into my case tower. I even show the part where I broke the part so others can avoid my mistake. https://youtu.be/d2x2Vm6oY20


great fit...

Allows my models to sit perfectly in the humpback and the holes are spot on. I added the optional magnets but even without them I think everything might stay in place so long as I am not rolling my case around.


Easy to apply and works perfectly for holding everyone securely in their seats so to speak.

perfect finish...

Perfect fit to cap my 2" humpback I ordered. Easy assembly if done by following instructions and with care and patience.

Space for overhanging!

I play Warmachine/Hordes, and even though I play 'base overhang the faction' (skorne) this tray has enough space to fit a model in each spot, if a little bit of tetris is required to get them to play nicely.

Several fighters have broken off the main group. Come with me!

A perfect layout layer for your fighter and two wingmen to cover you. You know, just in case you need to fight off your Rebel opponent ship to ship and want to take them yourself.

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