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Crystal Fortress Modular Display Case System Reviews

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What's Everyone Saying?
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The Best Carrying Case for Miniatures

I have been a huge fan of battlefoam for 12 years until I saw an ad for Crystal Fortress. I decided to purchase one because one of the issues with foam is miniatures need specific cut outs or plucked out foam to sit well and they can still be damaged. With Crystal Fortress I can just put the miniatures into one of the trays and carry it around. I don't need to repack them in foam once I'm done I can just put them back in the tray. No need to fight against foam or remember where each mini. This is one of the best carrying cases I've ever gotten and would gladly recommend this to anyone wanting a good case to carry and transport their minis and use this for taking their army around for a tournament! I will be buying more of these as soon as I can.

The Simplest and Best Solution

These made setting up my Humpback Fortress a breeze. They are easy to install and allow you to place your minis anywhere on the sheet without having to worry about the mini's base size. I highly recommend these if you're going to use your crystal fortress cases to carry tons of different minis.

Very convenient

The transport strap is a must have for anyone looking to transport their fortress.

Great Magnets!

These magnets are great! I finished putting them into my miniatures recently and with the iron sheets turned the whole case upside down and none of them budged!

Beautiful and convenient

I was initially looking for a convenient way to transport my army in the subway, and be able to deploy it quickly.
Not only the fortress is easy to transport thanks to the transport strap, it's a stunning clear case that I can use as a display in my house.
It is definitely worth every penny.
However, to transport smaller armies, I wish I had also taken a few Orca sized cases.

Outstanding from A-Z

I highly recommend the Crystal Fortress cases. It starts with the great email that comes with the Order acknowledgement, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Packing was well done and had survived oversea shipping with No issues. Case was made excuisitely and easy to assemble. It looks great and makes my miniatures look great. Already ordered more and can only recommend everybody to do so as well.

Easy and quick

Code for the gift card is sent straight to your email. Great deal and setup.

Good Quality

Very good hold, great quality. Make sure you have it aligned properly, once it sticks it isn't coming off

Great product

Looks great, easy to put together, definitely would recommend to a friend!

Good stuff

It's always tricky to review crystal fortress stuff because it's all fundamentally the same. An orca case isn't too different to a beluga, just bigger. However, the fundamentals are still solid. The acrylic is clear, solid, and well shaped, the parts fit together as intended and the joint system works wonderfully.

Realistically, Crystal fortress really only does one thing - and they do it well.

This is amazing

Why are you reading this? Buy this or any other case of theirs now. Looks amazing, sooo easy to put together, and with a few accessories you can keep your minis firmly planted to the bottom of the case in the event of jolts during transport. Seriously though.... stop reading and buy it already!

Great starter set - need more now!

This is a great starter set. It only took me a couple of minutes to get the build steps down and get things put together.

It protects them and displays them wonderfully. Now I need space for my whole army.

simple solution to a big problem

The sheets solve a specific problem for me: I am constantly re-arranging how my minis sit in their storage. Having these sheets I can plan less up-front and have more flexibility.

In addition - the quality is great, and the sheets look great on the bottom of both my crystal fortress pieces and in the other places i use them.

Happy with Purchase

The best dice ever!

Always great

Every piece I order from Crystal Fortress team is always of superb quality

Locking Balls

Iron Sheets

Really useful for me as I use my Crystal Fortress to house Kings of War miniatures which I have magnetized. Again another great product which combos well with the available magnets and is precut to fit with an easy to follow process and website support.

Medium Standard 32

Magnet and Target Pack

Humpback Case

Lovely item and such a good purchase for those wanting to both protect and showcase their armies.

Great product

It has worked out great so far. Couldn't have worked better for me.

Humpback Case

So pleased with this product. Well packaged, well engineered, great support through simple guides and video support. Took my time putting it together and had no problems. Sadly no distributors outside the U.S. but still worth it in my opinion. Will definitely be back for more as I complete more forces.

Iron Sheets

I have always been a fan of these cases but had purchased previously due to having a square based army with movement trays and there not being any inserts that would work with these. Then I saw these and saw a solution. Now I have a lovely set up for my Kings of War army in a great carry case system.

Transport Strap

Such a great addition and simple design. Has a good level of adjustability and really useful to assist on long walks to events to carry this great storage system.

Humpback Cover

Really easy to out together with a great support mechanism through excellent guides and website video support. Added the little bit of extra height I wanted for my miniatures.