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A Great Choice for a Skirmish Game

I bought one of these bundles for my Kill Team and it's perfect. It holds my entire roster and then some. Next time I'm in the market for mini storage I'm definitely going to expand this bundle. Everything fit perfectly and went together with no issues. It looks great on the tabletop and makes deploying and collecting your army very easy. All in all an excellent product. My only downside is that I don't think I would trust just the strap for plane flights. It would be awesome to see a more robust travel solution from Crystal Fortress in the future.

Great quality

I ordered a bundle which comes with a cover and bottom already, however I ordered an extra replacement anyway because I know myself and I know how much I love the case and want to take it everywhere with me. So if you know your going to be take you awesome case everywhere with you, grab a replacement box!

very useful idea i had never thought of

brilliant addition to keep models safe. especially when combined with the mats. only criticism is you cannot buy them in the UK

Perfect addition

makes it really secure for moving my models around and keeping the sections of my fortress bundle together.

Looks cool

Adds an extra touch of awesomeness to my displayed models

Genius idea

make it safe to store and transport your models

Literally Amazingly impressed

Have just put the finishing touches to my own Attic room for my modelling and painting I was keen to find a cool way to display my models. I came across Crystal fortress and thought they looked good and would give them a try.
Great quality, as good as it looks online and my mates are very impressed with my display. Will be ordering more of these in the not too distant future


Parfait pour le transport et exposer ses figurines!
C’est ce que je cherchais depuis longtemps

Mixed Units

I've found this good for a small collection of a miniatures where I don't want to paint a full army but want to show off a variety of units. As ever the quality of the layer is great.

Brings the case together.

I purchased the strap with intent to use it, However I didnt go do reading to find out it only holds 11 inches of case... my case is 13 inches. Oh well looks like Im going to have to purchase more cases and another strap to get my full use!

Works Great!

I purchased some of these because I already had some magnets from another company and they work fantastic! Although the magnets Crystal Fortress sells are much stronger than the magnets I had it still looks and works great!

Secures my models safely

I have a model I spent hours on, and it likes to chip the paint if you breathe twords it. I got the magnets to stop it from ever falling or moving at all and I am absolutely pleased. he has not moved at all and looks beautiful in doing so. (Yes I have tried everything to lock down the paint with varnishes, Im just glad I found a case that protects him!)


I picked up two for my Humpback case, the only problem I have is that it left a gap for the handle bar that Im not using because Im putting a model that needs to be in the middle. Other than that there are no complaints its absolutely wonderful, I think I will order another one to fill that gap but I love it anyways! 10 out of 10 would purchase again!

Holds Rohan nicely!

I got it to hold my Rohan army and it displays them beautifully. if you have any mounted Lord of the Rings armies i highly recommend!

I will order more!

This holds my Lord of the Rings GamesWorkshop minis absolutely perfect! I will be ordering more in the future!


I have have a Lord Of the Rings fellbeast that is a tall and spread out model. I ordered this cover to hopefully encase him and give him the room he needed. I am more than pleased he has enough room and then some! would recommend!

Completely Worth It!

Fantastic product, looks absolutely amazing! Only problem I have was I broke a couple pieces from using to much force, however such an amazing product the pieces that did break didn't hinder building the case! I will absolutely be buying more in the future!

Aggressors and Primaris Layout

I've been using this to to put two squads of Aggressors in and them fill the rest up with the 32mm Primaris such as Intercessors and Reivers.

Kill Team 25s

I've picked up a few squads for Kill team and a lot of those use the 25mm bases. So I've been using these to pack in my kill teams.

SUPPORT 90.1 40.3 32.6 = Dreadnought, Aggressors and a Kill Team

A great fit for a 6 man space marine kill team, with room to spare for 3 aggressors and a Redemptor Dreadnought.

An essential part

An essential part of the case system, it's good to see that I can replace these inexpensive parts without buying a whole new case. However, it is worth noting that I haven't had to replace any so far.

A commitment to quality

I picked up the case pads in case they came off or someone accidentally knocked them off, as the case gets moved around a lot and opened a lot. I haven't had to replace any so far but it gives me piece of mind that I'm able to replace a small inexpensive part without the need to buy a whole new case.

40k AM Vanguard and Rangers

This tray is perfect for the Vanguard and Ranger models. It allows for three full squads and extra slots for troops with assorted special weapons. The only model this can't hold is the arquebus, but there are trays for that size too.

Excellent product and service

As always, great service with rapid delivery, excellent communication and and an outstanding product.

32's are great marine squads

The 32 layouts are great for my space marine squads. Two whole space marine squads of 10, perfect fit.