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What's Everyone Saying?
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Worked very well for my BattleTech mins

I wasn't sure exactly what sizes I would need for my BattleTech minis so I started out with this bundle as a way to try different sizes. The 2" tall sections were plenty deep for the vast majority of my minis. I ended up using the Orca cover on half of the Humpback to get some extra clearance for the tallest of my minis. The 4" Orca section ended up being overkill for BattleTech minis, but I'm sure I will find something to fill it up with. The closest thing to a problem I ran into was the sizing of the organization layers. BattleTech hexes are SUPPOSED to be 1"...but they aren't. They are more like 35mm or 36mm in reality. So, the 32mm inserts I got were too small. The 40mm insert I picked up was big enough, but they have a little too much room there. It wasn't really a big deal though, since I intend to use these as a display case and not a travel case. I just left the inserts out entirely and crammed in more Minis! I liked this kit well enough that I've ordered more Humpback layers to move even more of my collection out of their cardboard and foam caves and out into the light where I can see them. This stuff isn't cheap but it works well and it looks very nice.

Couldn’t get better

Came in nice thick but not huge baggies separated work well stick with easy leaves no guessing no and just plain and simple work amazing and to top it all all the extras that with an order the thank you cards the extra pieces the time and care to every detail this truly is an amazing product and company

Snug clear Smooooth

Can’t say enough about how great off a product this is a top notch company and product

Great solution

Perfect size. 20 is a nice round number, you’re unlikely to have spare slots. 32s are very useful for small flying stands or the same size bases.

Does what is says on the box

Nothing unusual here, just a base with the exact dimensions mentioned, Bit of an odd assortment but if you have the minis that need it, it’s great (for me, firesight marksmen on the 40s, sniper drones on the 32s and random characters on the rest).

Not the best but absolutely essential

The top of the retail warps a bit under the pressure that the transport strap applies, which doesn’t ok good but it is still secure. This is absolutely an essential purchase for anyone.


Perfect height when paired with GW slottabases and perfect size/strength. Resin bases are an issue as always and will need a different solution.

For resin bases, we counter sink the magnets into the base for a very nice flush finish. We use the Tamiya 74041 Electric Handy Drill, and a Dremel #9902 Carbide Cutter. Try it out!
Awesome case and display

I bought this for my 40k army and it looks great! the inserts and magnets organize my army and keep them in place. Overall great product and well thought out.

Excellent quality, Smart design

This bundle is a great way to get started, and for housing a small army it is the perfect size. The idea that the whole system is modular and can be added to in the future was very appealing to me, hence why I bought it. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a display case that can be added to in the future.

Wish these came out months ago they are these are amazing wish it was easier to to take apart the cases to add these to the older ones

Simple, easy, effective.

These do what magnets do. Paired up with the iron sheets, these are how I will be transporting all of my models from now on. It is an awesome system!

Just awesome.

This - paired up with the troop magnets - is how I will be storing/transporting my models from now on. It is so much more secure than my foam case, and my minis don't get scratched up anymore! Will definitely be buying more, that's for sure.

Great Display and Transport Case

I purchased this case to display my models and to use as a transport on car rides. The construction is elegant but effective. I was a bit skeptical if the glue free assembly would result in a sturdy case. Rest assure, the case is extremely sturdy.

It is able to accommodate a large variety of different sizes and shapes of models. The modularity of not only different heights, but the ability to mix and match different sizes of cases, is a huge benefit. I paired this with iron sheets and troop magnets, and the sheer amount of models that I can fit in the case is surprising. If you are on the fence about buying into this case system, the humpback fortress cube is a great starting point.

Be careful. You’ll want more than one!

I love this thing. Super easy to assemble and incredibly sturdy, all without any glue or screws. Perfect for those models you want to show off to everyone!

Simple but oh so effective

It's a pretty simple product when you break it down but it's very effective. Holds all my layers together with just enough slack to form a comfortable handle.

Incredibly strong

The strength of these magnets is incredible. I use them with some of the Iron Sheets from Crystal Fortress and can completely upend my case and my minis don't even budge.

A Must Have

I got some of these sheets with a collection of troop magnets. I like the versatility vs the layout layers as I can swap models in and out of the case at ease. The magnetic hold is amazingly strong and I can shake and upend the case with the models inside staying 100% still.

Best Case Around

I have used foam cases of a variety of sorts for close to a decade now and recently made the change to a Crystal Fortress Humpback case. It was the best decision I ever made. No more delicate models getting snagged on foam, jostled just right, then broken. Best of all, they are on full display when stored now. When it's time to go play a game of Warhammer, I just grab the case and go. After they've fought in whatever campaign the weekend has thrown at them, they are back on the shelf on full display.

Oh, this one tugged at Big Red's quantum adamantium plasma reactor! Thanks Cameron

A Hyperbole-Free Review

The phrase "better than crowd surfing naked on a sea of oiled strippers" gets thrown around a lot lately. But this product is all that and more...imagine that your ex-girlfriend is paying for them. This thing is insanely easy to put together, which of course already makes it a better value than buying all of the components of a dirty bomb. They have put together the perfect mix of heights in this bundle, and it actually makes my minis look better. I'm not saying that you're a complete moron if you don't buy this, but yes I am actually saying that. I put LED lighting above one of these filled with Nurgle troops and cured cancer....granted, it was just feline leukemia but are you a cat hater?

There is no better storage and display system out there (unless you count Lenin's Mausoleum)

Massive piece, good price

This is the bundle to get. especially if you have a lot of minis you want to put on display. The sizing is great, the cube is a good size, and it looks great on a shelf or table. It's a great way to show off a number of minis, from small 40K armies (you might need more space if you, for instance, play guard), to multiple armies for skirmish or squad games (got Cowder, Delaque, and Escher gangs, plus some accessories? this is more than enough to hold them all). I'll admit I might have preferred the large humpback, a couple orcas, and 4 belugas, just because I like to be able to mix an match, but this set maximizes the storage space, and if that's what you need, I highly recommend it.

The one concern I have is that the long sides can break on you if you aren't extra careful when assembling. But, when a side broke on me (badly enough to be unusable) Crystal Fortress was great about replacing the part, and even helped me put together a second order (I really like these cases) and add the replacement part to that order. Great service and a good product, what more could you ask!

simply works

This is exactly what it should be, simple product, works well, adjusts easily, and looks good. The buckle is an extra secure buckle, which is reassuring if you are carrying your prized minis with it, but can be a bit more of a pain in the butt to undo quickly. Definitely the way to go, but expect a little difficulty unhooking it when you are done using it.

Pod Pack
Lovely holders

These went together like a dream, and I may order a bunch more just to have as trays for board games. They are also good for holding tokens and counters (as well as, as pictured, dice) if you play games like Hordes or Warmachine and have any token sets. They fit snugly in the Crystal Fortress cases, but are robust enough to just leave out on their own (though I wish they had a nice cover mechanism so I could secure tokens in them and just toss it in my bag). They are also customizeable to some degree in their layout, meaning you can fit larger or oddly shaped pieces in them.

Great way to add some height

I got a 2" cover to give myself somewhere to put the minis that wouldn't quite fit in the 2" cases with a 1" cover. Worked great, though when assembling a small crack appeared over one of the joins on the long side. It doesn't change the function of the piece, but is the second time I've had one of these long side pieces crack, so it's worth putting fair warning here, be careful with assembly.

Please contact us, and we will replace the cracked part! Crystal Fortress has you covered!!!
high quality case

The Orca seems to be the ideal size for most storage solutions. 2" is a good height for standard height 28mm minis, though larger items like dreadnaughts and warjacks or even many large D&D miniatures really want another inch.

Great size, great storage

This is a great kit, it works well with the rest of the system, but also works really well for small unit transport (like a warmachine or hordes army, I imagine it works well for other skirmish games as well). The smaller cases are a little bigger than a squad, and larger miniatures (like warbeasts or warjacks) fit nicely in the 3" layer created by the lid.