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Crisis suits Ready

Now I can add 3 more suits and Shadowsun really easily along with their drones next to them. the case looks really clean. can't wait for friends to come over to be impressed!


Fits my Nemesis Dreadknights bases and one hero really well.

Love these magnets!

Use these for all things Warhammer - from bases to magnetizing weapons and options. Strong and flexible in applications. Perfect for the cases and so much more!

Perfect solution for a clean and secure hold

By far, the easiest and cleanest solution to securning your models within the Crystal Fortress case. Works perfectly with any of the layout layers, and give the peace of mind of knowing that models will not rattle around or come loose unintentionally. It's also not so strong of a hold as to require excessive force to release the models when you want to take them out.

Stackable Acrylic Organizer

perfect, adjustable, easy to setup!!! Makes my board gaming a lot more enjoyable and organized!

Twenty years of love and pain(t).

The year was 2000 when I was first introduced to my significant other. It was love at first sight. We've had our up's and downs over these years but my 40K Tyranid army and I have weathered a lot of life's trials and tribulations. The only recurring problem we have faced in our two decades together has been our transportation and storage needs. We haven't been able to just hop in the car and join our friends around town. This humpback case system is the first storage and transportation solution we have been able to find that can adequately, and fashionably, fit all of my partners curves even the Tyranid Hierophants (with a little work). Crystal Fortress has provided the missing component our relationship has needed to reach new heights (a completely painted army) and with the continued assistance of Crystal Fortress our next twenty years are looking bright indeed.

Thank you Crystal Fortress,
From Michael and Tyranids.

Very Versatile - Work with and without Layout Layers

I very much enjoy how the magnetic vinyl troop targets remove the need for you to be extremely precise with your magnets. If the vinyl is a tough off center - but still within the layout layer slot, the model will be where you want it to be. I also enjoy how you can use the troop magnets in a case to create your own layout for larger models like dragons and tanks. The magnets are sufficiently strong, but the biggest selling point for me is that the larger troop targets remove the need for perfect precision with something like a pair of magnets.

Clean and Shiny

I have two long haired cats and since using this product, I have noticed a noticeable reduction in the tendency for cat hair to get all over my display cases. This is a great way to keep your crystal fortresses looking their best and also reduce the need to dust them regularly to keep them pristine.

Can Hold a Lot of Dice and Tokens!

These storage cases follow the same pattern as the original fortress with no glue required; however, they also click together in a very satisfying manner. The two inch cases were able to accomodate dozens and dozens of dice while keeping the sets of dice almost entirely together. Having the case and cover to fit the actual storage cases in is very nice to both protect the cases and make sure that nothing spills out. Very nice product.

Humpback case

10/10 service
10/10 product
All around solid investment

Absolutely Stellar Product.

I've been mighty pleased at how well my models fit up on the layouts I snagged. My White Scars bikes have never looked better than they do now, and I' absolutely going to be purchasing more of these to fill out the rest of my forces.

Great case, some minor improvements

Would bump this from a 4 star to a 5 star. The instructions could be more clear, ideally video instructions. And the strap design is not very sturdy. I ended up ordering a $14 strap system from Amazon to make it all work. Also, this case really would benefit from the inserts, so 1 or 2 should be included for this price.

Great Customization

The Setup is amazing to shift and change the case to fit what you need from cards, dice, etc. I trying out some custom pods to make it work with my style.

Amazing Case

Its Amazing Case to store my Conquest Spire Army and its works great stacking more on them.

Fits Primaris Space Marines

This is just what I wanted for using with Kill Team.

Pair with a One-Inch Cover for Primaris Marines

Excepting maybe a banner-bearer, all of the Primaris Marines I’ve wanted to transport fit perfectly in a two-inch case with a one-inch cover.

Turns your case into a travel kit

I bought the cases to make it easy to take minis to my local game store. Having the strap makes it very easy to carry around.


The minis snap in very nicely with these.

Great for Veteran Guard Kill Teams

I was able to fit all of my vet guard in a layer for easy transport to Kill Team games.

Very Precise!

I purchased two of these. . I addressed some aspects of them in a Humpback fortress review (that really should have been on this product), but I oops'd. Both my Indomitus and Dominion version are just as advertised and fit all models from those respective sets well - with some minor angling for the units with spears. The large layout layers are excellent with tight tolerances. there is no wiggle of the layout layout whatsoever, and I would be comfortable moving (and have moved) the entire assembly without worrying about my miniatures shifting about - even without the magnets unless you feel compelled to angle your case in a strange way. I strongly prefer the uninterrupted view of the miniatures from the 'display' style of case that this provides. I am also a fan that the layout layers still work if flipped upside down. . .

Gift Card
Dalton C.
Every eGiftcard Should Work This Way

I have recently felt the need to share my love of the Crystal Fortress products with a friend. The gift card gets delivered as a stylized graphic to the purchaser's email with a very clear code for use at checkout. No fuss, easy to distribute. All eGiftcards should be this easy to distribute as a gift.

Update to 'Great Concept, Build Slow!!!'

Since I couldn't find a way to edit my below review, I wanted to provide an updated one. After my incident with breaking a large number of the tabs due to my own brute force assembly attempts, customer service got in touch with me. Even though the breakages were entirely my fault, they worked with me to get replacements at either their expense or at cost! It says so much about a company that they are willing to offer a zero-profit solution when their customer was at fault! You should still build slow and follow their instructions carefully - and watch the youtube videos! - but this company is a real gem when it comes to customer service. Now if only they had a double-wide Humpback + for my 8k points of Sigmarines. . . .


Thanks for the great follow up review! We always want our customers to know that they come first.

Oh, and I think there might be bigger whales in the sea ;) Your wish will come true one day soon!!!

You already know you want this

If your reading these reviews you already know you want this so do yourself, and your collection, a favor. Save up your spare charge for a minute and pull the trigger! You won't be sorry. The first thing I did when I received my Humpback bundle was order more crystal fortress 😜 and on a side note, the layout layers are possibly the most OCD friendly thing I've ever seen 😀


Love the review!! Might take a few weeks of spare change saving, but we agree that it will be worth it :)

Love the expansion options

I added an expansion option and its great!

Great for Kill Team

I got this set along with another Orca case so that I’d have everything I’d need for playing Kill Team all together. The storage pods keep all my dice, tokens, etc. together wonderfully.

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