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Nightmare to assemble

The regular 2 " ond was hard enough to build but the 4" is actually impossible to build without breaking it.
Don't recommend. Do not buy

M.I. Please reach out to customer support and we will take care of you!

Not bad.

Pretty good. Don't like the patten number on top. Kinda takes away from it but will see how it holds up

Love these cases

Love the crystal fortress! I’ve bought several cases now and probably will be my only miniatures holder.

The opposite of no-stick pan technology

I've got a couple of Orca cases that I use to transport my Bolt Action army to my friend's house on occasion, taking advantage of the strap that makes the box into a carry case. I drop it in a simple tote bag with a few extra bits and bobs for gametime (rulebook, dice, and those always pesky pin markers) and off I go.

Pro Tip: Don't leave a tote bag on the floor if you own cats.

Pro Tip #2: If you do leave a tote bag with your Orca cases full of painted minis on the floor, make sure you're using these troop targets and magnets. When one of my cats finally managed to tip the tote over with my army inside, *ONE* miniature out of lot "fell" from it's appointed place. Don't worry, Big Red! It wasn't a failure on the part of the case! It was one of three miniatures on a "team" base. The team base was magnetized and sticking to a troop target like a champ. I failed to properly seat the mini in the team base. The good news: No paint jobs were harmed in the feline free-for-all!

The collection goes ever on and on

I have been working furiously painting my Pile of Opportunity for the last couple of years and I've got quite a way to go still. The Humpback Fortress Cube is a pretty easy choice for adding a lot of storage at once. I've just put #4 together and the minis that have been waiting in foam trays and dark boxes cheered with delight when I started making room on the shelf. Next step is to take some time off so I can reorganize. RPG and wargaming minis that get used a lot over here. My better-than-tabletop paint jobs over there...

It's a crazy, fun hobby and this is a great way to share a collection.

Absolutely Wonderful

This is an awesome option for any collector. I suggest starting with this one. It is a sturdy case and displays my models well. It is a good start for any beginning army/crew.

Beautiful display case

It is a wonderful display case that truly minimizes the amount of space that your collection takes up. It has a large capacity for holding all of your beautifully painted models. The case is clear and probably one of the best on the market.

Perfectly sized and easy to use

Excellent product and looks great

Absolutely worth it!

I cleaned my case with this on day one. It worked super well to remove dirt, dust, and scuffs off of the clear plastic. It was very effective. YouTube video placeholder
One of the best model cases I have ever seen!

This is the most innovative display case on the market. The way they problem solved the issue of carrying and beautifully displaying our models outdoes everyone in the industry. The cases are sturdy and top notch precision made. The care in packaging to get it safely shipped to you was also impressive, featuring layers of cardboard, paper, and plastic to ensure your case comes pristine. With the cleaning solution, Crystal Fortress also make it easy to keep the case looking amazing. I can easily fit an entire Astra Militarum combat patrol box into one of these cases, which is impressive! Overall, if you want to display your model and transport them safely, this case does it better than any other.

Love 'em

I use mine with a 5" rotating base to display my model in 360 degrees. The plastic is absolutely clear, and it feels sturdy. The assembly was enjoyable. Plus, my order came in record time (all the way to Australia). I ordered much more once I was confident with this product and the company.

Great case. Fragile material

Happy with the products but breaks easy. The Corner snaps off and fling acrylic plastic at my eyes. So be careful


Thanks for the review! Please reach out to us so we can get you brand new parts for your case. We designed Crystal Fortress to allow you to replace parts if they break or get scratched. Please be sure to take a look at the assembly videos to help guide you through the build process.

Great case great customer service

I had a special deadline to meet and the customer service team quickly got my order processed and shipped to me.

Snap* Snap* Big Red got all the drones in line working fast to get your order out! Thanks for the review!!

Just amazing

I've been painting minis for roughly 4 years now, could never find the right product to hold and display them. Found Crystal Fortress and couldn't be any happier.

Assembly was easy, customer support has been genuinely incredible, I got a hand written and signed thank you letter with my package, and the case is beautiful and durable.

Honestly, more companies need to have a little bit of crystal fortress in them.

I have one full army in my case, going to need another for my custodes.

Haha! Love it!!! The line 'Honestly, more companies need to have a little bit of crystal fortress in them.', put a huge smile on Big Red's faceplate. Thanks for the great review.

Perfectly sized and easy to use

Effective and looks nice

Awesome product

Super happy with the end result. Not too difficult to assemble, and it looks great. Can keep adding as your army grows.

...and your minis look AMAZING in the case!

Excellent. Only slight fragile while building

Would definitely recommend and buy again. The look of the case is amazing and really makes my army look much better.
It is from what ive seen very durable when built. However it can be fragile during assembly. The devider for the cover broke in half while installing the wedge. And the bracket holding the the base on one level broke. Possibly due to incorrect sized orbs.

Ouch! Please reach out to us and we will make sure you get the parts you need to make this right!

Great products

Everything I have received from crystal fortress is fantastic. It is a bit expensive but with that you get a great quality product

Great quality!

Would recommend to others

Great case!

Got it for my brother for his birthday and he loved it. Great quality.

Disks and magnets

They work really well just enough grip great for moving around. So glad i found this system. I use for both XWing and shatterpoint


Your setup looks fantastic! Thanks for the review. Please keep the great photos rolling in :)

Crystal Fortress Humpback

I ordered a 2-inch Humpback and a 1-inch cover. I found them to be as described easy to assemble, sturdy, and crystal clear. Add in the magnets with targets and the overall system is awesome, I plan to continue purchasing Crystal Fortress products to change from figure foam trays and for future mini storage. I will defiantly suggest to fellow gamers and hobbyists to check out Crystal Fortress for their storage needs.

Amazing magnets!!

Initially when I ordered these I was a bit skeptical of their ability to hold some of the larger models. They weren't kidding when they said the N52 magnets were the strongest. Went from expecting to use multiple on a 80mm base only to find that a single magnet did it. For the price and quantity of magnets you get, this is an amazing deal. pretty much was able to organize and store over 60 miniatures with these magnets with very little prep and effort. Amazing value and definitely worth it!


Awesome transportation for my cwing fighters

Cool, expensive, and fragile (update)

Update on my original review

Crystal Fortress made it right. They sent me a new cover to replace the broken one quickly and without charge.


We are happy to help! If you ever have a problem, just reach out and we will take care of it.
Once the cases get assembled, you will find that they are very durable. Reducing any flexing during assembly is key to a smooth build. Again, thanks for the review!!!

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