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Orca Fortress

It was easier to put together than I thought, but I did have the misfortune of cracking one of the bottom panels while trying to get a side panel to slot in on the beads. Overall quality is very good. Wish there was a riser that was readily available to help make it a proper display case in and of itself and help get it off the ground. Overall great product and I'm very happy with the purchase. Definitely will buy more in the future and I hope that there can be some custom inserts for uncommon bases and such!


Thanks for the great review! Please get in contact with us. We have a brand new shiny new replacement part for you.

Also, don't forget that we have a Tournament Play option where you can install the Layout Layers in a 1' cover, and then cover your minis with a 2-4' cover. It elevates your minis and eliminates the separation line. Try it out!!!

Super useful ferrous vinyl

I was really pleasantly surprised by how well these worked and fit into the layout layers. As some of the other comments mention here, they are slightly raised so some bases like for Warmachine or Riot Quest may not sit perfectly flat and flush which can cause some wobble and possibly knock your models down. With most of my other models, however, these work amazingly!

I love the extra tall container! It is tall enough and sized to perfectly fit all of the pieces from the AoS Realmscape Objective Set! :)


A great solution for keeping my miniatures organized! I love this one :)

Great Case

The Case is amazing to setup and work greats. I got miniature in it already is

Amazing and Keep Models Safe

The sheet is great so I just add my Models to it and they stay tight.

I bought it and its amazing how it setup. I put my Conquest Miniatures. in them an it was great

Great Gift for a gamer!

Easy to redeem!

Perfect for D&D

Great for carrying my D&D minis!

Great set but opt for bigger

I am surprised how fast these boxes filled up. I would have gone bigger in hindsight.

Great addition

I was previously storing all of my bits for Marvel Crisis Protocol in three separate bit containers, but now that I've gotten this, I can carry all of my MCP stuff together!

Huge improvement!

I purchased these as an attempt to get rid of the homemade metal trays in shoe container boxes we used, and I am so happy that I did! I used only covers to assembly my set you see here in tournament style. 1" cover with magnets followed by a 4" cover. This allows you to remove the cover and grab the models without having to reach in and pry them off their magnets. My only complaint is that I feel like I need to spend some time planning my configuration after indexing the models and base sizes I have. I'd love to have some sort of input where I can provide the number of models at each size and have a dynamically generated option for me!

Excellent Dice. Simple as that.

Great set of dice. Excellent visibility with the numbers. Great appearance and roll randomly. This is just a fun set of metal dice. I think Crystal Fortress should have more sets like this. Great product.

The crystal fortress works exactly like you'd want it too.

I could not be more happy with my case, it does it all. Because not only is it an excellent storage and display piece, I took my full stack out to my game store recently and found it was perfect for transport as well. Anyone can store or carry their army around in plastic bins or dark foam cases, and I have nothing bad to say about doing that at all. But a crystal fortress is a premium piece, in appearance and in quality. So if you want a display case that can also be transported for gaming, this is it.

2nd Strap

I do wish it was a tad bit longer. I have so many troops that I needed 2 cases do fit everything.

Great Cover!

Nice cover for the case!

Holds up my biggest minis

Great for my monsters.

Worked so well I got my second set!

Perfect for holding my minis in the case!

Look great!

Fits most of the ships perfectly. Some small ships, like the Republic Y-Wing, might need to be positioned in a different way or next to a certain ship to fit, but otherwise it works great. A small note on the height: the 2" works for most ships if you go down to a single peg, but for some ships like TIE fighters and StarVipers, you'll need another inch of clearance. So you'll either need to buy a 1" lid or buy the 4" tall case.

Gaining Space

I recently bought the Humpback bundle. I was frustrated by the instructions at first (I wish each piece was labeled on the film and the instructions for all parts).
However, once I figured it out it went together like a dream. Once completed I couldn’t wait to put some of my Death Guard in. I could fit in so much. What took 3 shelves in my IKEA display case now only takes one, and you can still see the models! I’m very impressed with it, and I will certainly be buying more! Great stuff!

Great Case!

The case is well put together and is perfect for transporting my armies! Haven't decided on the handle in the middle yet it is really convenient for carrying things, but it does detract from the appearance a bit. Thankfully it is removable, so I can decide in the future xD

Great lid!

Works exactly as expected. One thing I did notice is that the instructions mention a pair of small support pieces that supposedly fits between the two buttress halves of the inner long support. This piece wasn't included and I am fairly certain that is intentional. Seems like a part of an older design that the instructions haven't been updated for maybe?

Excellent Service!

This is an excellent service. I was asked to create a layout layer on a template and from there they cleaned it up and sent it on to me. Exactly what I needed!

Perfect for Kruleboyz

This layout layer is perfect for half the the Kruleboyz army from the most recent Dominion box!

Cool little magnets

A great solution for holding troops in place. They work very well with the thinner magnets that Crystal Fortress sells as well. The only thing to keep in mind though is these do add a bit of a raised platform below your minis so certain bases, like the push-fit ones that come with some games-workshop minis, sit a bit high and wobble slightly.

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