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Little annoyed

Picked my bases up from the post office and got home to find my order was wrong. I right away filled out the contact form and we're coming up on day 3 of no contact. Annoyed that I got the email to review prior to having the problem sorted out. As for the bases themselves mine came very scratched up and no evidence of a film or anything on them. So to say I am not happy with them.


So sorry about the mistake. We will contact you shortly to get it resolved ASAP!
All of our bases have film that needs to be removed from each side. The film is clear and can have scratches, but the acrylic below is crystal clear. Our acrylic does not use the typical paper film which is easy to spot.

Love these little guys!

Best WH40k base magnets in the biz. Just enough grab. Always feels secure, but you don’t need a crowbar to pry your figures off something metal. Works with anything, but Crystal Fortress adhesive targets are particularly elegant.

Good things, small packages

Great for those instances where you just need a small unit of troops or a few bad guys for your RPG game. Cover your case or use it as a handy tray. Works both ways!


I bought the Humpback and it’s amazing! I cracks a piece or two, but that was entirely my fault. Follow the instructions carefully because you’ll break it trying to get it apart!

Shawn, Please reach out to us and we can help you get some replacement parts. We do not want any broken Humpbacks swimming around out there!!!

Stellar cover

After searching online for cases this was the stuff. I didn't want a full on cabinet as it's difficult to move and many are tacky. This is clean, simple, and the modular nature was a huge win.

Instructions and assembly were straight forward and they provide enough spare pieces in case a bearing is a little to large. The resin they used make the case look near invisible. The case measurements provided some wiggle room meaning I have more clearing for my minis, win.

The shipping price is worth it based on how they package. I look forward to buying my next set of cases once this one is full.

Just what I needed

After searching online for cases this was the stuff. I didn't want a full on cabinet as it's difficult to move and many are tacky. This is clean, simple, and the modular nature was a huge win.

Instructions and assembly were straight forward and they provide enough spare pieces in case a bearing is a little to large. The resin they used make the case look near invisible. The case measurements provided some wiggle room meaning I have more clearing for my minis, win.

The shipping price is worth it based on how they package. I look forward to buying my next set of cases once this one is full.

Humpback cover

The lids are great solid support, quality is top notch. I have over 10 of these now and the quality is consistent through out.

Only suggestion I would have is a way to plug the support holes when the middle won't be needed (only a stack of humpbacks or it is the top one). I have a few kingdom death monsters that needed the head space and didn't use the supports. Packing tape sorted the dust worry but it would have been nice to have a direct option.

Corey, Thanks for the review! We might have just what you were looking for. Soon we will be releasing 'Premium' line of cases that do not have the center handle. These will really push the display quality of the Humpback case for those that do not want to use a handle. More info soon! Make sure to sign up to our newsletter (bellow in the footer)

Gift Card
Dylan D.
Simple, satisfying, easy

Super easy and super satisfying to get someone. They receive and email with all the information they need and no need to worry about losing a physical card. The one thing that I would add is a customizable amount. The static amount work fine and fits perfect for product prices, but being able to give 250 without multiple gift cards would be nice.


Short of creating an invisible shielding system for miniatures transportation, you will not find a better product. If you are the type to put in the work on the bottom of your figure (like my lokhust destroyers), you can even show off that too! No risking the models either! Crystal Fortress has designed a transport system that is light weight while still feeling tough enough to trust, all while being elegant enough to feel like a show case. **WARNING**: You may feel the need to paint at a Golden Demon level after buying it!

Tyler, Thanks for the review! We have heard this before from many customers. Buying our cases and displaying your minis really encourages you to continue painting and get everything done. We hope you do win that Golden Demon. When you do, please send over some pics :)

Excellent display and transport cases

I purchased these cases specifically for gifting a painted set of miniatures for a friend. There were two goals for the case which were that they provided enough space and protection for the miniatures (10-28mm bases) and additional magnetized pieces while being, in a sense, compact and fashionable to be displayed. The Orca case was perfect to spread everything out with a storage pod to hold those extra bits without dead space. The cases live up to the name, they have great clarity and are pretty tough. The only con is putting the case together can be a bit tedious; the pieces are well packaged and covered in essentially cling wrap to protect from scratches during shipping, but that also means having to remove all the wrapping, insert all the anti-skid pads and the silicon balls while keeping the orientation of the pieces in mind. I'll admit I actually broke a piece off due to not realizing that there is an outward face and an inward face and this actually matters in slotting the pieces together. It was easily remedied with glue and without the glue the case still held together due to the other connection points, but I suppose I wish I didn't have to. All in all, these are excellent cases and the quality is there for the price, just build slow as I was advised through a note and disregarded from the company.

Thanks for the great review! Please reach out and let us know which part broke. We can send out a replacement part, so you have a perfect case!

Broken during assembly

I wish I could write a more positive review as the idea here is great (and the packaging it came with very nice). But I really struggled to assemble this properly and ended up breaking a few bits of the acrylic. I'm not sure if this is a design flaw or reflects my own lack of skill here!

No worries, breaks can happen time to time. Please reach out and we will get some replacement parts sent out to you!
Crystal Fortress has you covered :)

Great D6

I ordered the D6 pack, great dice. Easy to read, solid, functional and sturdy case. Couldn’t ask for more!

It works, but…

The nylon strap works, but it does NOT fit well with the transport case. I had to widen the slits for the buckle to fit through. Interesting concept, ok execution.

I am looking forward to a carrying bag.

Incredible product, just needs a little more direction.

Let me start off by saying that these things absolutely SHOULD deserve a five star rating, but a small mistake can make this not as enjoyable.

While assembling the first Humpback Case I followed the online instructions but found it difficult to insert the silicone balls. I realized I made the mistake of not peeling the protective plastic off the bottom of the case. By the point I realized this I was already done with the case. So I attempted to remove the silicone balls to peel it off. In doing this I struggled to get the balls out just as much as when I inserted them. I knew if I continued this it would snap a part of the case, and I did. It was only AFTER this I realized that the silicone balls need to be inserted in a certain direction. This is not indicated by the instruction paper or online video, but does seem to be indicated by the case's themselves. HOWEVER these indicators are extremely faint engravings that I struggle to see.

This was the only issue I came into and once I realized how the balls should inserted it was smooth sailing from there. AGAIN this was a mistake on my part but something that can easily be fixed by adding additional text on the instructions or online videos. If these were already included I would have never had this issue. But even after the case had a snap I can tell it's a nonissue. The case has so many other firm connections I know it won't fail me and I feel absolutely certain it'll keep my minis safe and secure. Add that warning about which direction the silicone balls should be inserted and it's a perfect product. Even as is I'm happy to recommend this to others.

Picture of the snap attached.


Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it :)
Sorry to hear about the broken part. Please reach out to us and we will make sure you get a new panel!

Awesome product

Easy to assemble (take your time) and looks incredible!

good stuff

I have only recently gotten into the miniatures in the last year, so my mini collation is only going to grow, and having all of this space in a compact footprint is nice. even all to fit in my larger models in comfortablly and still looking good. a common word of warning is the acrylic glass is fragile when putting together, but once together the system is pretty durable. I only end up cracking one the base plates, and that wasn't a problem for me as got covered up by minis anyways.

I’m a fan.

Great display cases! An essential part of every project.

Crisis suits Ready

Now I can add 3 more suits and Shadowsun really easily along with their drones next to them. the case looks really clean. can't wait for friends to come over to be impressed!


Fits my Nemesis Dreadknights bases and one hero really well.

Love these magnets!

Use these for all things Warhammer - from bases to magnetizing weapons and options. Strong and flexible in applications. Perfect for the cases and so much more!

Perfect solution for a clean and secure hold

By far, the easiest and cleanest solution to securning your models within the Crystal Fortress case. Works perfectly with any of the layout layers, and give the peace of mind of knowing that models will not rattle around or come loose unintentionally. It's also not so strong of a hold as to require excessive force to release the models when you want to take them out.

Stackable Acrylic Organizer

perfect, adjustable, easy to setup!!! Makes my board gaming a lot more enjoyable and organized!

Twenty years of love and pain(t).

The year was 2000 when I was first introduced to my significant other. It was love at first sight. We've had our up's and downs over these years but my 40K Tyranid army and I have weathered a lot of life's trials and tribulations. The only recurring problem we have faced in our two decades together has been our transportation and storage needs. We haven't been able to just hop in the car and join our friends around town. This humpback case system is the first storage and transportation solution we have been able to find that can adequately, and fashionably, fit all of my partners curves even the Tyranid Hierophants (with a little work). Crystal Fortress has provided the missing component our relationship has needed to reach new heights (a completely painted army) and with the continued assistance of Crystal Fortress our next twenty years are looking bright indeed.

Thank you Crystal Fortress,
From Michael and Tyranids.

We are so happy you were able to find a beautiful new home for your ruthlessly savage galaxy spanning apex predator that will one day destroy everything! I hope she is happy in her new Crystal Fortress. Thanks for the great review :)

Very Versatile - Work with and without Layout Layers

I very much enjoy how the magnetic vinyl troop targets remove the need for you to be extremely precise with your magnets. If the vinyl is a tough off center - but still within the layout layer slot, the model will be where you want it to be. I also enjoy how you can use the troop magnets in a case to create your own layout for larger models like dragons and tanks. The magnets are sufficiently strong, but the biggest selling point for me is that the larger troop targets remove the need for perfect precision with something like a pair of magnets.

Clean and Shiny

I have two long haired cats and since using this product, I have noticed a noticeable reduction in the tendency for cat hair to get all over my display cases. This is a great way to keep your crystal fortresses looking their best and also reduce the need to dust them regularly to keep them pristine.

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