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Great layout layer

Got this layout layer for a Magmadroth + a Fyreslayer squad. It works perfectly and leaves my Magmadroth looking fierce.

Great addition

The layout lays help keep my minis exactly where they should be without looking gaudy in the case. In fact, you can't even see them unless you're looking for them.

Love this lid

Beautiful lid, and easy to assemble. The rubber pads also help keep dust out of the seems. Great!

Nice case

This displays a small squad very nicely. The acrylic is beautiful and the case is very easy to assemble. The only drawback is that for games like Warhammer it is not uncommon for a unit to be 10 units with 32mm bases, this will only fit 9, which can be a bit unfortunate. Not a huge deal though.

Great Lid

This lid works exactly as you would expect. It is of excellent quality and fits with its base like a glove. The only thing that I think would be nice would be a 3-inch lid, but that isn't a huge deal.

They do exactly what they are supposed to

These magnetic pads are quick and easy to stick down and provide a good enough hold when combined with the other magnets to have even heavy miniatures upside down. They al also fairly thin so when used with thin magnets sit nice and flat. Love them.

Ideal Thickness

These magnets are especially thin which makes them perfect for placing under Games Workshop bases. A lot of the magnets you can get on Amazon are at least twice as thick as these and sometimes they stick out from some smaller bases a hair, not a big deal but a nice problem to have solved.

Perfect case !

I was looking for a case which can contain my models with easiness, reliability and dust protected.
Crystal fortress is THE answer. Ultimate one!
Create a store in Europe please !!!!!!!!!

A great starter set!

I am extremely happy with this purchase, great selection of parts to get a feel for the system and get straight to planning where to put which models.
The storage/display combo makes it very space efficient.

The assembly itself was such a joy, parts are sturdy without feeling too hard and brittle, and everything is crystal clear.
A great detail is the wiping cloth that comes with it, works great to remove smudges and fingerprints (from me, during assembly, the protective plastic on the parts makes sure they are delivered in pristine condition)

Looking forward to getting crystal fortresses for the whole of my collection!

Great quality

Packaging is really good, no damage during shipping. The product is really good, really stable and it looks great.

A Whole Infinity Army in One Box

I picked up one of these Layout Layers for my Infinity Nomads army, as 90% of those models are 25mm minis.

The only downside is that the perfectly-cut holes do not fit the current Corvus Belli bases, which have small protrusions to indicate model facing. As a result, several models sit at a slightly cocked position, though the magnets hold them in place. I may end up re-basing my models so that they fit better in the case, because this case is just that good.

Great Storage Solution

I love the quality of this product and it works great as both a mobile storage solution and a display shelf. I also appreciate the little touches like the personal email and hand written notes in the package.

Great Looking Case that holds my Eldar perfectly

I picked up this bundle and it looks great, and feels solid! I also really enjoy the separate, multiple trays, which makes it easy to unload and load my minis from the table when I’m playing at the shop.

I also went with several layout rows and they fit great for my troops, elites, and even my heavy support! Overall, I’ve been very happy with this product :)

Bought hundreds

I questioned these at first, thinking that I could probably find them "cheaper and just as good." False. Now I get these for every mini I want to transport. one for a small model (50mm bases and smaller for plastic), two for a large, and 3 for a huge model (things like an imperial knight)

Monsters need love too...

I already owned a number of the 2" containers, which was great for PCs, NPCs, and humanoid monsters, but what about my beholders, ogres and dragons? Enter: the 4" case. Paired with an iron sheet, the bottom layer of my Crystal Fortress stack is now a virtual hell, full of all my big bads, who now live in dustless security, just waiting for some adventurers to drop in for dinner.

What more can I say?

I'm just writing this at the urging of Big Red. I'm not sure why he needs my help, as Crystal Fortress cases are without peer in the mini storage, display, and transport game. Just magnetize your minis, and now you can display them in dust-free splendor AND take them on the road in complete safety when needed.

The Bomb

As great as the iron target disks and layout layers are (and they really are), there are some minis whose bases are too large or irregular to easily fit on one. Enter, the Iron Sheet. With this thing, you can fit almost any magnetized minis, cram in an insane number of minis when necessary, or just arrange your minis in a cool diorama fashion. Only downside is that the iron sheet does block light from filtering down, so it's best in the bottom layer of a stacked case only, but hey, I can live with that. Really glad I got one of these.

Nice for certain scenarios

I like basing my minis, sometimes getting pretty elaborate. Unfortunately, this can make them not fit in with terrain. Like, "why is there a tree stump, grass, and a cactus in the middle of every part of the dungeon this dwarf walks through?" Enter: clear bases. Now, you just see the mini in whatever environment. The one downside, "why is that dwarf floating 6 inches above the floor?" These guys are pretty thick as bases go. So, they're pretty good, but not perfect.


This cover works perfectly for my mini! It keeps the dust off of my mini and looks very professional!

You need these

Honestly. If you're buying a crystal fortress, you need the layout layers. I will note, when I was figuring out which size to get, I was afraid that the hole in the layout would need to be larger than the base size, but i have a 32mm base that can go into and out of the 32mm layout layer smoothly and easily.


I put these in my fortress, but I also put a couple on top of some painting handles so that I can stick my minis easily to the handle! The only downside is that these are all one size, which feels a little weird with the layout layers (only if they aren't full). Overall, I like them though! The adhesive on the back is easy to use!

Perfect strength!

I use one magnet on the bottom of most of my minis. These are strong enough to keep the figures attached, but not so strong that you'll break a figure trying to pry it off. I use 2 for my bigger models.

Simple enough

I got two of these for the bottom of my stack. It allows me to put swarms of minis or extra large ones together, which can lead to some fun setting up mini scenes.

Premier experience

Unwrapping and assembling this stuff was what convinced me the price wasn't too high. Everything is so carefully packed, padded, and secured. Mine even came with a hand written note, which was just another nice little touch.

Insanely strong magnets

These magnets are amazing! I paired them with the troop targets and my minis don't budge at all. These are some of the strongest magnets I've used and well worth it!

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