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Miniature Bases


    Crystal clear bases for miniatures, models, bits, or dioramas.  Perfect for basing miniatures, flying units, translucent/transparent special effects, or allow for up-lighting in dioramas.

    Keep the focus on the miniature & let the base disappear

    Bases are .118" (3mm) thick, and come in assorted sizes.  Pick some up today for that special miniature!




    •  .118" [3mm] thick.

    •  Professional grade clear LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Able to counter-sink for magnet installation.*  Rotary tool required.

    * We recommend using Super-Gold CA adhesive to avoid white hazing of acrylic.  Be sure to use gloves, clean & remove any surface oils (fingerprints) from the acrylic before using glue.  Properly ventilate glued part to remove fumes before hazing can occur.

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