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Imagine a day when you do not have to hide your miniatures away in homemade containers, or foam trays that break off delicate parts.  Imagine being able to take that miniature and displaying it proudly in a case that showcased your work.  A case that you can take with you to fearfully intimidate your opponent before removing your first miniature.  Well that day is HERE! 

Don't settle for a system that hides your miniatures!

Cases & Covers form the foundation to the Crystal Fortress Display Case System.  Each is 100% modular, stackable, and come in three available sizes;  Beluga, Orca, and Humpback. 

Start with a Case that best suits your display needs, add a Layout Layer with Troop Targets & Magnets, and finish it off with a Cover, which can increase the height capacity. 


Ultimate Unboxing Video 

Intimidate your opponent before removing your first miniature!


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Crystal Fortress was created from the passion to find a display and storage system that gave the miniature the respect it deserved.  

You, like me spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours painting our beautiful little miniatures that we adore, only to hide them away in foam trays, or home-made containers where no one can see our little works of art.  I did this for years, and it never felt right!  I wanted to display my miniatures in cases that would showcase them at home, yet also allow me to quickly bring them to Brookhurst Hobbies, my local hobby store.

With over 15 years of design experience and many more gaming, I was determined to design a display case system that showcases the miniatures while also protecting them.  It had to be completely clear, 100% modular, require no glue, be versatile enough to work with many different game systems, and be able to meet the high standards of the gaming community.  A tough design challenge to say the least!

With this design criteria and many years of research and development, Crystal Fortress was created!  Thank you for taking the time to learn about the earliest beginnings of Crystal Fortress. 

It is my deepest hope that you will share in the joy of giving your miniatures the respect they deserve by letting the light back in, one case at a time!

 - Jeffrey      Crystal Fortress Founder

Fortress Stacking Guide

Covers: Use to keep dust out, add extra height. Storage Pods: store small game pieces, fit inside cases. Cases: display and protect miniatures

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Learn how to build a Crystal Fortress

Check out our really cool assembly videos!  You will see how quick and easy a Crystal Fortress can be built. 

Don't forget about our Crystal Shards Replacement Policy.  You can replace any broken panel for the manufactured cost + shipping & handling. 

Assembly Videos
Loading miniatures into an acrylic display case

Instructions - Size Guide Specifications

Fortress Size Guide

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Horizontal Dimensions

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