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ORCA CASE | Acrylic Modular Display Case

Size Guide

  • Choose a size based on the height of your miniatures.  If you need more space, add a Cover for those tall banners and dreadnoughts! 

    Bring your miniatures the respect they deserve

    Don't forget to add Layout Layers, Troop Magnets, and Troop Targets to properly secure your miniatures and gain the full benefit of the Crystal Fortress Display Case System.



    •  Maximum troop capacity 35 miniatures (25mm based).

    •  Patented connection system requires no glue and allows for easy assembly.

    •  Professional grade LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity to showcase your miniatures.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight will protect your miniatures.

    •  100% modular and stackable design works flawlessly with all other Crystal Fortress® Cases, Covers, & Storage Pods.

    •  Crystal Shards Replacement Policy policy protects your investment;  Replace a broken or scratched part for the manufactured cost of the part & shipping.

    Layout Layer Options

    •  One Medium Layout Layer (recommended).

    •  Two Small Layout Layers.


      Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Layout Layers, Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

    modular stackable acrylic display case system


    Crystal Fortress brings the respect your miniatures deserve by elegantly showcasing them in premium acrylic display cases. Say goodbye to foam trays that damage intricate details and to time-consuming DIY storage solutions. Crystal Fortress is the superior choice you’ve been searching for all along.

    100% modular display cases stacking

    100% Modular Acrylic Case Stacking System

    Sizing illustration showing acrylic case and cover height

    Create your very own Crystal Fortress®

    Ready to show off those battle-hardened miniatures like a pro? Dive into our Size Guide to mix and match Cases and Covers that’ll make your figures the envy of the gaming table. Whether you’re looking to go sky-high with your banners or need room for your sprawling army, our Size Guide is the cheat code for building the ultimate display case fortress for your epic wargaming collection.

    Size Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Cole H.
    No better way to display your minis!

    Overall, I felt like this was a great container for my growing Guard Army. Easy to assemble and it looks great.

    Solid system

    I thought I'd be more scared building the cases, but once you get into a rhythm, they go together with relative ease. Build slowly

    Derek R.
    Just what I needed

    After searching online for cases this was the stuff. I didn't want a full on cabinet as it's difficult to move and many are tacky. This is clean, simple, and the modular nature was a huge win.

    Instructions and assembly were straight forward and they provide enough spare pieces in case a bearing is a little to large. The resin they used make the case look near invisible. The case measurements provided some wiggle room meaning I have more clearing for my minis, win.

    The shipping price is worth it based on how they package. I look forward to buying my next set of cases once this one is full.


    Short of creating an invisible shielding system for miniatures transportation, you will not find a better product. If you are the type to put in the work on the bottom of your figure (like my lokhust destroyers), you can even show off that too! No risking the models either! Crystal Fortress has designed a transport system that is light weight while still feeling tough enough to trust, all while being elegant enough to feel like a show case. **WARNING**: You may feel the need to paint at a Golden Demon level after buying it!

    Tyler, Thanks for the review! We have heard this before from many customers. Buying our cases and displaying your minis really encourages you to continue painting and get everything done. We hope you do win that Golden Demon. When you do, please send over some pics :)

    I’m a fan.

    Great display cases! An essential part of every project.

    Instructions - Size Guide Specifications

    Fortress Size Guide

    Vertical Dimensions

    Horizontal Dimensions

    Base Sizes