STORAGE PODS | Stackable Acrylic Organizers

Crystal Fortress Display Cases protect your miniatures, Storage Pods protect everything else!  Pods are a patented organizational system with interchangeable dividers designed for all of your gaming accessories.  Perfect for your dice, tokens, counters, brushes, paints, or any small component.  Pods give you the flexibility you need to organize and store your accessories in professional grade LuciteLux® acrylic that makes everything easy to find!

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Pods come in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.  Small & Medium Pods can be purchased as a Pod Pack, while the Large Pod can be purchased separately.  Each pod is 100% modular with all other pods.  Two Small Pods stack on a Medium Pod, two Medium Pods stack on a Large Pod, four Small Pods stack on a Large Pod, etc..  Storage Pods are designed to meet your needs!


Ultimate Storage System

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Function is our Playground

Once the Crystal Fortress display case system was designed, it was now time to focus on finding a solution to organize all of the gaming accessories and components we have amassed over the years.

Each game has a ton of tokens, dice, cards, markers, dials, templates, etc… The list goes on and on, and each one is important!  The solution had to make finding your accessories easy, be as flexible as possible to account for the myriad different types of accessories and components, and work flawlessly with the Crystal Fortress system.

Storage Pods was the answer.  If you think Crystal Fortress Cases and Covers are great; Storage Pods are awesome!  Each one is 100% modular with other Storage Pods, as well as Cases and Covers.  They each have their own set of dividers that can be adjusted to meet your specific gaming needs.

Dividers, dividers, and more dividers!  Dividers are what make Storage Pods so functional (and really awesome).  I designed the dividers to be able to be removed and adjusted without having to disassemble the Storage Pod.  Just pop it out and put it where you want it to go.  Simple! 

With over 10,000 different configurations to choose from when using the dividers of our Large Standard Pod plus Large Advanced Pod together, I'm confident you will find a new home for all of your gaming accessories!  Tame the organizational Tsunami in style!

 - Jeffrey      Crystal Fortress Founder

Small & Medium pods

Large Standard Pod

Large Advanced Pod

Find a new Home for your Pods

Storage Pods are designed to work flawlessly with Crystal Fortress Cases & Covers. 

Don't have many miniatures to display?  Try filling a Case with half Pods and half miniatures, for a Crystal Fortress that is customized to meet your needs.

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