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    Are you tired of breaking your valuable miniatures as you pull them out of foam trays?  Yeah, we are too!  With our Troop Targets, you can securely hold down a miniature that has been magnetized.


    Stop breaking your valuable miniatures in foam trays


    The targets are made from a metal infused vinyl, which means that a magnet will stick no matter the polarity.  Targets also have a layer of 3M high-bond adhesive, so no glue is required! 

    Have complete control where and how you want to display your miniatures. Stick a Troop Target down, and sleep soundly knowing your plastic or resin mini will stay put!





    •  .75" [19mm] diameter, .06" [1.5mm] thickness.

    •  Flexible metal vinyl disc.

    •  Rare-earth magnets will hold no matter the polarity 

    •  3M high-bond adhesive allows you to easily adhear Targets anywhere you want.





    •  Adhear a Troop Target to the center of each Layout Layer slot.

    •  For 64mm based miniatures, add 2 Troop Targets.  Heavy or large miniatures add 3+.

    •  Magnetize the tread or wheels of vehicles and align Troop Targets.


    Installing Troop Targets for vehicles and larger miniatures

    1. Do not use a Layout Layer for vehicles, or very large miniatures.

    2. Magnetize the base of the miniature.

    3. Test fit where you want the miniature to be displayed in your Crystal Fortress.

    4. Place Troop Target onto magnet and peel film.

    5. Slowly place miniature into case, apply pressure, and remove miniature.  Troop Targets will remain in the case.

    6. Apply firm pressure to each Troop Target to secure adhesion to the case.



    For best results, pair our Troop Targets with our rare-earth N52 grade Troop Magnets!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Chris B.
Also, Surprisingly good for paint handles

I've actually started putting a troop magnet on during the build process, and I put these on my ad hoc pill bottle paint holders and they're brilliant.

Great for storing minis too, can turn my case upsidedown and shake and the minis are stable and secure.

veero D.
Great, but too many.

these do the job, but I wish they were sold in smaller quantities.

Sam A.
Really handy

These are great for singular troops. You can also space them out for bigger ones. It would be great to have a bigger one for larger models like a 60mm Dreadnaught. Great product though, hard to find a reliable alternative.

Tyler T.
Super useful ferrous vinyl

I was really pleasantly surprised by how well these worked and fit into the layout layers. As some of the other comments mention here, they are slightly raised so some bases like for Warmachine or Riot Quest may not sit perfectly flat and flush which can cause some wobble and possibly knock your models down. With most of my other models, however, these work amazingly!

Corey H.
Cool little magnets

A great solution for holding troops in place. They work very well with the thinner magnets that Crystal Fortress sells as well. The only thing to keep in mind though is these do add a bit of a raised platform below your minis so certain bases, like the push-fit ones that come with some games-workshop minis, sit a bit high and wobble slightly.

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