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    Get a set of Crystal Fortress Heavy Metal Dice! Super heavy zinc alloy with bright red numbers and a simple matte sealer. These dice do not pretend to be copper or brass using plating.  They have a beautiful texture that will take the abuse and wear like a salty old Viking!

    Salty Crystal Fortress robot viking

    Finally a set of metal dice that will take the abuse and wear beautifully like a salty old Viking!

    HEAVY Metal

    Beautifully textured and designed to hold up to years of loving game play abuse!  These dice are the real deal.  No fake metal plating here!  Pure zinc alloy.


    Crystal Fortress REAL d20 dice

    Crystal Fortress REAL d12 dice Crystal Fortress REAL d10 dice Crystal Fortress REAL d10 dice Crystal Fortress REAL d8 dice Crystal Fortress REAL d6 dice Crystal Fortress REAL d4 dice


    HEAVY Weight

    These dice are really, really heavy and ready for your epic battle cries!

     Crystal Fortress d20 dice balanced against twenty five penny's


    HEAVY Protection

    Each set comes in a protective tin with high density foam insert.

     Crystal Fortress REAL Metal Dice in container



    •  Beautifully textured pure zinc alloy.

    •  Heavy metal dice.

    •  Bright red enamel painted numbers. 

    •  Matte finish sealant applied.

    •  Dual toned red/black Crystal Fortress dice tin with foam insert.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jonathan W.
Everything you wanted and more!

Bought two sets of d20s and a set of d6s and holy cow, let me tell you, these things are so cool. They're even heftier than I thought they would be, superbly engraved and painted, and fun to roll in a leather dice cup! Work great as counters in Magic and for playing 40k as well! Would buy again!

Great D6

I ordered the D6 pack, great dice. Easy to read, solid, functional and sturdy case. Couldn’t ask for more!

Thomas G.
Excellent Dice. Simple as that.

Great set of dice. Excellent visibility with the numbers. Great appearance and roll randomly. This is just a fun set of metal dice. I think Crystal Fortress should have more sets like this. Great product.

Heavy Metal!!!

I picked these up from Crystal Fortress at LVO. They really are heavy metal! You can feel the quality the second you pick them up. I love that you don't have to worry about scratching or chipping any metal coating. The surface texture is beautiful and helps hide any marks from rolling. I have been using them for a while now and they still look brand new! I would recommend to a friend.

Victoria L.
Happy with Purchase

The best dice ever!

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