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Crystal Fortress® provides multi-use display units and accessories for the gaming and collectibles industries that have been searching for a solution to organize, protect, and proudly display their collection in a manner fitting the respect that it deserves. 

Form is our Foundation | Design is our Passion | Function is our Playground

Crystal Fortress® is 100% modular and designed to meet your gaming collectible needs!  Display, store, and protect your beautiful collection the way your models are meant to be seen.  With the Crystal Fortress Display System you can show off your collection in crystal clear, stack-able cases in limitless configurations.  Don't hide your beautifully painted little treasures in a box, bin, or foam tray ever again.  Display your miniatures the way they were meant to be seen, and bring them the respect they deserve!
The idea for Crystal Fortress came from the frustrations many gamers faced, which is spending hours upon hours painting these beautiful miniatures, and not really having a portable display case to show them off in.  Like you we also own the glass Ikea displays, which are great, but impossible to transport.  So, we decided to do something about it, and Crystal Fortress was born! Firstly, lot of time was spent creating the goals for the system before diving into the design.  The main goal at the heart of Crystal Fortress is a multi-functional display system designed to be used however the customer wants!  We didn’t want to force anyone to use a system only one way.  That naturally led to everything being modular, which wasn't easy, but really worth it!  Everything will work together, from the Storage Pods fitting perfectly into the cases, to only using covers for our Tournament Play option.  Our system is your system!  Another main goal was being able to swap out parts that get scratched, or broken.  This led to a patent pending connection system that allows for glue-less construction.  We were tired of having to purchase a whole brand new product for one small scratch.  With Crystal Fortress, if you break a part, you are able to purchase a replacement to snap back in place, and get back to gaming!  Lastly, and most importantly, Crystal Fortress was created to show off your amazing little masterpieces!  We wanted to create a system of display cases that will help focus all of the attention on the miniature, giving them the respect, as works of art, that they deserve.  No more cardboard boxes and plastic bins!  
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We do hope you take some time and consider finding a new home for your mini's!  Bring some light back to your miniatures and give them the respect they deserve! 
Team Crystal Fortress

Crystal Fortress® is a product of Jordan River Industries, LLC (JRI), a creative workshop producing innovative design solutions of manufactured products. The sale of products helps funds JRI's passion of assisting the underserved globally.


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Good Stuff

I bought my second crystal fortress and will probably get 3. This is a pretty good display case. It is about an hour's work to assemble but not difficult. Keeps the dust off and provides protection for keeping your minis upright and un-damaged during transport. Would/will buy again

The perfect product

I have large collections of Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine, Blood Bowl, Reaper, Cool Mini or Not, and more. Before this product, I kept most of my stuff in Army Transport Foam and Citadel Carrying Cases. I tried IKEA display cases, but dust was a huge problem, and having everything in opaque storage containers, a huge pain. This product is THE solution I was looking for. I keep everything neatly organized, on display, and I couldn’t be happier (maybe if the price was lower, but I suppose you can’t have everything). I couldn’t recommend this product enough, and recommend it at all the events I attend. Plastic, pewter, tanks, huge figurines, etc. It works for every miniature product you can think of.

Worth Every Penny

For table top wargamers, storage and transportation of miniatures are topics of paramount importance. Many of us have faced disasterous sightings when we have opened our "cutting edge" foams, containers etc during our regular visits to local hobby shops. And that sort of thing would at least ruin your day if not your enthusiasm for the hobby, because seeing your hours of hard work lying around broken, chipped, missing a limb would surely make you upset. And you will always have hesitations before you get together your models for transporting. The same to a lesser extent is also true for storing.

You want your storage/transporter to be dependable and sturdy. Well, these guys produce that kind of stuff. It is both elegant and solid. I have not come across this kind of product before - and believe me I have tried everything from home made containers to custom made foam trays. None of them would offer the protection and ease of storage/transportation the crystal fortress gives. And it makes a perfect display case for your miniatures while storing them.

As a final note, I am living in Turkey and yes the shipping costs and custom fees may be higher than other storage/transportation options but when you get your hands on a crystal fortress product and actually start to use it, you will see it is worth every penny.

Very highly recommended.


Really can't say much that others haven't. I'll be getting nearly a dozen of these as I'm able, it's the best storage option I've seen since I started tabletop hobbies ten years ago. Mirroring the feeling that it's extremely pricey for a build-it-yourself acrylic case of this size though.

Pod Pack : excellent

I've recently got a 1 inch Pod Pack. I really enjoy the possibility to change the dividers out and to adjust the customizable trays to your needs, depending on the amount and shape of the tokens or the dices of your board game. I definitely recommend them !