Crystal Fortress® was developed for the display and transport of our beautifully painted miniatures. Hiding models in foam or boxes had to be a thing of the past.

The main goal for Crystal Fortress was to design a modular, stackable system that is multifunctional and gives the user the ability to create a complete display case that best suits their collection. Meeting this goal means the Crystal Fortress system is your system. Another goal was having a means to swap out scratched or broken parts. The patented connection system is a glue-less construction that uses a tab and slot connection mechanism allowing panels to be replaced.

Crystal Fortress was created to show off your amazing masterpieces! We have created a collection of cases, covers, and accessories where all the focus can be on the miniatures; giving them the respect, as works of art, they deserve. No more cardboard boxes and plastic bins.

Create Your Display Fortress!

Crystal Fortress® is a product of Jordan River Industries, LLC (JRI), a creative workshop producing innovative design solutions of manufactured products. The sale of products helps funds JRI's passion of assisting the underserved globally.