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  • Don't settle for just any magnet to put under your little warmongering warriors of pure destruction!  You want some amazingly strong magnets to adorn your miniatures to ensure the best hold possible in a Crystal Fortress Display Case.


    Stop breaking your valuable miniatures in foam trays


    Our Troop Magnets are neodymium rare-earth magnets with a strength grade of N52.  A magnet with an N52 rating is an extremely strong magnet.  The dimensions are 1/4" diameter, by 1/16" thick.





    •  1/4" [6.4mm] diameter, 1/16" [1.6mm] thickness.

    •  Hold your miniatures securely with our neodymium rare-earth magnets.

    •  Extremely strong N52 rated magnets.

    •  Glue magnets to the base of any miniature you would like to hold down to our Troop Targets.*


    * We recommend using Super-Gold CA adhesive to avoid white hazing.  Be sure to use gloves, clean & remove any surface oils (fingerprints) from the surface before using glue.  Properly ventilate glued part to remove fumes before hazing can occur.



    For best results, pair our Troop Magnets with our flexible metal Troop Targets!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Perfectly sized and easy to use

Excellent product and looks great

Luke R.
Amazing magnets!!

Initially when I ordered these I was a bit skeptical of their ability to hold some of the larger models. They weren't kidding when they said the N52 magnets were the strongest. Went from expecting to use multiple on a 80mm base only to find that a single magnet did it. For the price and quantity of magnets you get, this is an amazing deal. pretty much was able to organize and store over 60 miniatures with these magnets with very little prep and effort. Amazing value and definitely worth it!

Brian B.
Love these little guys!

Best WH40k base magnets in the biz. Just enough grab. Always feels secure, but you don’t need a crowbar to pry your figures off something metal. Works with anything, but Crystal Fortress adhesive targets are particularly elegant.

Jean S.
I shopped around and came back to this

I thought these were overpriced at first so I shopped around, and these are the best priced magnets I found for the strength and quality. Sure other magnets will probably hold half decent but I wanted mine to stay put when I'm travelling and shipping these. They're perfect, coupled with the targets, which are also impossible to find elsewhere!

Great Price for the magnets

Nice and strong! Holds my minis perfectly!

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