DISCOUNTED BUNDLES | Fortress Cube & Storage Set


Do you want more for less? Look no further! Fortress Bundles are the perfect way to build your Crystal Fortress® at discounted prices!

Get more for less!  Crystal Fortress, we have you covered


Fortress Cubes come with multiple cases for your favorite miniatures and a cover to top it off. Pick up and combine a 1/4 and 3/4 Fortress Cube to make a Crystal Fortress® that is sure to intimidate any opponent!

Fortress Sets include a case, enough Storage Pods to fill it up, and a cover. Get a Fortress Set, and tame the organizational Tsunami in style! All Pod dividers are interchangeable to allow for ultimate flexibility in storing your gaming accessories. 


Design is our Passion

Way back in 2008, I started down the path that led to Crystal Fortress.  I always wanted to create a display case system that helped showcase the hard work that went into painting miniatures.  I was tired of hiding away the miniatures I just painted in foam trays.  There had to be a better solution!

The cases needed to be 100% clear, and require no glue.  Knowing how messy and unforgiving it is to glue acrylic parts together, I was very determined to find a way to join two pieces of acrylic together without using any glue.

After a ton of trial and error, failed snap-fit system, failed o-ring system, a seven year break, I finally designed a joint that works!  Using a small silicone ball as the locking mechanism, each acrylic panel can be attached and detached without the use of glue.

Knowing I was on to something, I decided to patent the connection system and start developing these cases for gamers like you!  After a lot of hard work, Crystal Fortress is now ready to help bring the respect your miniatures deserve.

 - Jeffrey      Crystal Fortress Founder

Crystal Fortress acrylic display case system for X-Wing gaming collections

Choose the perfect Layout Layer

Layout Layers can be installed in all Cases & Covers.  They give your miniatures the perfect amount of space as you load-out your Crystal Fortress®.

Layout Layers

Instructions - Size Guide Specifications

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