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Retail Box Replacement

  • For our Tournament Play customers, or those that want another retail box to use with the Transport Strap, this is for you!

    Store your favorite codex and gaming supplies in style!

    Purchase a new Orca, or Humpback retail box, which has pre-cut slots that can be punched out for installation of the Transport Strap.



    •  Store your favorite codex and gaming supplies in high quality paper wrapped thick card boxes.

    •  Pre-cut slots allow Retail Box to be used as a light-travel carrying case with installation of Transport Strap (sold separately).

    •  Transport Strap is able to hold a maximum of 11 inch units* worth of Cases & Covers.

    * Two 4" Humpback Cases + one 2" Humpback Case + 1" Humpback Cover = 11 inch unit Crystal Fortress


    Interior Dimensions

    •  Humpback Retail Box: 11.88 x 11.88 x 1" [302 x 302 x 25MM] LxWxH

    •  Orca Retail Box: 11.88 x 5.94 x 1" [302 x 151 x 25MM] LxWxH  


    Cases, Covers, Transport Strap, and collectibles not included.

Display case for miniatures and gaming supplies

Fully Loaded Humpback Crystal Fortress®

Save up to 15% when building your Crystal Fortress!

Fortress Bundles

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