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    Case pads give a small, cushioned layer between stacked cases and covers, which prevents squeaking.

    Prevent your cases from sliding with these anti-skid Case Pads

    Great for adding anti-skid traction to prevent your cases from sliding away.  Purchase extra Case Pads for your Crystal Fortress®.




    •  Adds a layer of cushioning between stacked Cases to prevent squeaking, and scratches.

    •  Adds anti-skid traction to prevent cases from sliding away.

    •  3M high-bond adhesive.



     Case Pads are included in all Crystal Fortress product.  Purchase extra for replacement purposes.

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Customer Reviews

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Kamil K.
Take more of these

I do recommend taking more of these. You can use them to fully fill or holes where your cases touch and where you insert for example layouts into case.

Also be aware that if you use Iron sheets you are not filling these holes and thus it is advisable to take few of these to fill these holes and prevent any dust or other elements from reaching your models.

It is also very easy to work with these.

Ricky B.
A commitment to quality

I picked up the case pads in case they came off or someone accidentally knocked them off, as the case gets moved around a lot and opened a lot. I haven't had to replace any so far but it gives me piece of mind that I'm able to replace a small inexpensive part without the need to buy a whole new case.

Jim T.
Yes, I'm reviewing tiny sticky pieces of clear stuff...

...and why not? In fact, this is less about the specific item and more about the commitment to quality in all things shown by the folks at CF. One set I purchased came up short by three of these little wonders, and CF instantly sent me enough to more than take care of me. They are one of the most courteous and customer-focused companies I've encountered in decades. With respect to the items, they do a great job of sticking to the 'floors' in your fortress, and prevent shifting/sliding. It's a little thing, but just adds one more feature to truly show that this is a high-end bit of kit. If you're on the fence about these products, please get off the fence and buy them...give the fence a rest...seriously...and consider some kind of diet...goodness, look at the fence

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