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MAGNET & TARGET PACK | N52 Magnets & Vinyl Metal Discs

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  • Are you tired of breaking your valuable miniatures as you pull them out of foam trays?  Yeah, we are too!  With our Troop Magnets & Targets, you can securely hold down a miniature anywhere you want.  

    Stop breaking your valuable miniatures in foam trays


    Our Troop Magnets are neodymium rare-earth magnets with a strength grade of N52.  A magnet with an N52 rating is an extremely strong magnet.  The dimensions are 1/4" diameter, by 1/16" thick.

    Troop Targets are made from a ferrous iron infused vinyl, which means that a magnet will adhere no matter the polarity.  Targets also have a layer of 3M high-bond adhesive, so no glue is required!



    Magnet Description


    •  25 Magnets & Troop Targets included.

    •  1/4" [6.4mm] diameter, 1/16" [1.6mm] thickness.

    •  Hold your miniatures securely with our neodymium rare-earth magnets.

    •  Extremely strong N52 rated magnets.

    •  Glue magnets to the base of any miniature you would like to hold down to our Troop Targets.*


    Target Description


    •  25 Magnets & Troop Targets included.

    •  .75" [19mm] diameter, .06" [1.5mm] thickness.

    •  Flexible metal vinyl disc.

    •  Rare-earth magnets will hold no matter the polarity 

    •  3M high-bond adhesive allows you to easily adhear Targets anywhere you want.




    •  Adhear a Troop Target to the center of each Layout Layer slot, and Troop Magnet to the center of each miniature base.

    •  For 64mm based miniatures, add 2 Troop Magnets & Targets.  Heavy or large miniatures add 3+.

    •  Magnetize the tread or wheels of vehicles and align Troop Targets.


    Installing Troop Targets for vehicles and larger miniatures

    1. Do not use a Layout Layer for vehicles, or very large miniatures.

    2. Magnetize the base of the miniature.

    3. Test fit where you want the miniature to be displayed in your Crystal Fortress.

    4. Place Troop Target onto magnet and peel film.

    5. Slowly place miniature into case, apply pressure, and remove miniature.  Troop Targets will remain in the case.

    6. Apply firm pressure to each Troop Target to secure adhesion to the case.


    * We recommend using Super-Gold CA adhesive to avoid white hazing.  Be sure to use gloves, clean & remove any surface oils (fingerprints) from the surface before using glue.  Properly ventilate glued part to remove fumes before hazing can occur.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Robert J.
Insanely strong magnets, perfect target size

These magnets are just insanely strong. I mean like ridiculously strong. I could flip my fortress upside-down and the minis will stay put. On top of that, the targets are the perfect size. Now, it's critical that you get your magnet somewhat centered on the mini's base, or you'll have issues getting the mini to fit properly in a layout layer. However, I cannot recommend the combination enough. I had a case with my killteam in my backseat for a whole week. Winding roads, potholes, and sudden stops. None of the minis came loose from their case. Can't recommend these enough.

If you use the targets on the side of our 2' small pods, you have the perfect mini case for individual commanders and special units. We use them to protect troops holding banners.

Brian B.
Love these magnets!

Use these for all things Warhammer - from bases to magnetizing weapons and options. Strong and flexible in applications. Perfect for the cases and so much more!

Peter B.
Perfect solution for a clean and secure hold

By far, the easiest and cleanest solution to securning your models within the Crystal Fortress case. Works perfectly with any of the layout layers, and give the peace of mind of knowing that models will not rattle around or come loose unintentionally. It's also not so strong of a hold as to require excessive force to release the models when you want to take them out.

Dalton C.
Very Versatile - Work with and without Layout Layers

I very much enjoy how the magnetic vinyl troop targets remove the need for you to be extremely precise with your magnets. If the vinyl is a tough off center - but still within the layout layer slot, the model will be where you want it to be. I also enjoy how you can use the troop magnets in a case to create your own layout for larger models like dragons and tanks. The magnets are sufficiently strong, but the biggest selling point for me is that the larger troop targets remove the need for perfect precision with something like a pair of magnets.


The minis snap in very nicely with these.

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