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    Crystal clear bases for miniatures, models, bits, or dioramas.  Perfect for basing miniatures, flying units, translucent/transparent special effects, or allow for up-lighting in dioramas.

    Keep the focus on the miniature & let the base disappear

    Bases are .118" (3mm) thick, and come in assorted sizes.  Pick some up today for that special miniature!




    •  .118" [3mm] thick.

    •  Professional grade clear LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Able to counter-sink for magnet installation.*  Rotary tool required.

    * We recommend using Super-Gold CA adhesive to avoid white hazing of acrylic.  Be sure to use gloves, clean & remove any surface oils (fingerprints) from the acrylic before using glue.  Properly ventilate glued part to remove fumes before hazing can occur.

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Customer Reviews

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Jesse C.L.

Update to my review, They got back in contact with me and sent the right bases immediately without need of proof and gave me tips for getting the film off. Solid customer service and the bases look amazing. Can't wait to have the proper ones on my army


So sorry about the mistake. We will contact you shortly to get it resolved ASAP!
All of our bases have film that needs to be removed from each side. The film is clear and can have scratches, but the acrylic below is crystal clear. Our acrylic does not use the typical paper film which is easy to spot.

Dave S.
The bases are excellent quality, and consistently shaped over 3 separate orders I've placed.

I first started using the Crystal Fortress round bases in 3 sizes, for mounting 3mm PicoArmor WW2 miniatures on, in grouped units of 3-5 miniatures. I wanted the bases to be clear, so I could see the terrain mat through the bases (and therefore not needing to flock the base tops themselves). This worked great for my 3mm game project. Along the way, I thought the bases could also be used for game counters too, since I like the thickness and feel of the acrylic bases. With some custom-sized, prepared and prinrted artwork, that I've punched out with a hobby tool to the size of the clear base tops (their diameter), I have made up over 50 stylish game chits for a 3D conversion project of the old Battle Masters game - the new chits substituting for the original game's activation cards.
When you find a good product, sometimes you find more ways to use it than was originally intended (the Crystal Fortress clear bases are excellent)!

Nice for certain scenarios

I like basing my minis, sometimes getting pretty elaborate. Unfortunately, this can make them not fit in with terrain. Like, "why is there a tree stump, grass, and a cactus in the middle of every part of the dungeon this dwarf walks through?" Enter: clear bases. Now, you just see the mini in whatever environment. The one downside, "why is that dwarf floating 6 inches above the floor?" These guys are pretty thick as bases go. So, they're pretty good, but not perfect.

Marshall F.
Painting bases is for suckers!

These bases are a great value! I save so much time not worrying about how to dress up a mini's regular base. Plus I think it looks better, adding more focus on the mini's paint job AND the same tuft of grass doesn't follow my guys around everywhere they go!

Anthony S.
65mm Bases

The bases I ordered work perfectly to elevate character.
Good quality and crystal clear. Thanks

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