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TRANSPORT BOX | Carry Your Display in Style

Size Guide

  • For our Tournament Play customers, or those that want another retail box to use with the Transport Strap, this is for you!

    Store your favorite codex and gaming supplies in style!

    Purchase a new Orca, or Humpback retail box, which has pre-cut slots that can be punched out for installation of the Transport Strap.


    TRANSPORT STRAP NOT INCLUDED!  Must purchase a Transport Strap separately.  



    •  Store your favorite codex and gaming supplies in high quality paper wrapped thick card boxes.

    •  Pre-cut slots allow Retail Box to be used as a light-travel carrying case with installation of Transport Strap (sold separately).

    •  Transport Strap is able to hold a maximum of 11 inch units* worth of Cases & Covers.

    * Two 4" Humpback Cases + one 2" Humpback Case + 1" Humpback Cover = 11 inch unit Crystal Fortress


    Interior Dimensions

    •  Humpback Retail Box: 11.88 x 11.88 x 1" [302 x 302 x 25MM] LxWxH

    •  Orca Retail Box: 11.88 x 5.94 x 1" [302 x 151 x 25MM] LxWxH  


    Cases, Covers, Transport Strap, and collectibles not included.

Display case for miniatures and gaming supplies

Fully Loaded Humpback Crystal Fortress®

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shawn B.

I bought the Humpback and it’s amazing! I cracks a piece or two, but that was entirely my fault. Follow the instructions carefully because you’ll break it trying to get it apart!

Shawn, Please reach out to us and we can help you get some replacement parts. We do not want any broken Humpbacks swimming around out there!!!

Tyler T.
Fairly disappointed

As much as I have loved all of the other products that I've purchased form Crystal Fortress, this product has really been the only let down. There are a few reasons for this, but it really boils down to the price for the quality of the box received. At $14.99 for a simple top and bottom that enables you to carry your beautiful fortress cases that also requires a $9.99 strap, I would expect something a bit better than this. There were a few reviews that mentioned that you have to cut the cardboard, but I didn't realize that and ended up tearing a bit of the top which really detracts from the beauty of the case. There's also a fairly significant amount of space on the inside of the box which enables the case to possibly slide around on the inside of the box. I haven't really experienced this, but I don't understand the purpose of this part of the design.

After tearing up my first box pretty severely, I did get the hang of how to best cut the top so that it looks nicer, but it's frustrating that this is a required step to use the box. I have loved every other product from CF, and even though I really am not a fan of this particular product, I will likely still purchase these as they can easily help me transport my cases.


Thank you for your feedback. Since you had some problems, we will 100% make sure to ship out a new box in your next order! Using an x-acto to cut the slots, and removing the buckle to weave the belt through really helps.

2nd Strap

I do wish it was a tad bit longer. I have so many troops that I needed 2 cases do fit everything.

Corey H.
It is okay

This gets the job done. It does feel a bit underwhelming a solution when compared to how clean the acrylic cases are but it does what it needs to do. I will say that it isn't immediately obvious that it is intended that the box be cut, and it does feel a bit shaky supporting only one side.

George G.
I wanted to love ity, but it has some issues that need to be resolved.

The transport box is made of cardboard with a paper lining. It looks pretty nice, but it seems an odd choice to hold together the beautiful acrylic cases. Cutting out the perforations for the strap was impossible for me to do cleanly and the resulting damage to the cover was pretty unsightly.

Once assembled it does its job fairly well, but the single, centered strap poses load balancing issues. And in order to keep the cases from sliding around the strap has to be tightened enough that it is difficult to use as a carrying handle. Maybe this is a result of using a Humpback-sized box to hold two Orca towers, so it could be my fault.

I can't help to think there's a better solution to transport these cases- I bet the clever people at Crystal Fortress can do a lot better and I will gladly try any new solution.

I published a video detailing my experiences and some thoughts on the transport box and strap. Feel free to check it out if you want to see it in action. https://youtu.be/oiN9GYXxpwc

Thanks for the great feedback! We love it :)
One suggestion that might help. Don't throw away the thick 'backer boards' that the product is shrink wrapped in. If you have a couple Humpback sized boards, you can add them to the bottom and top for extra rigidity.
We agree that having two Orca towers in a Humpback box will cause problems. Best to buy a 2' Humpback to place down first for support (Ahh, note the clever preemptive salesmanship...) Many options!

Thanks again

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