DISPLAY SETS | Indomitus & Dominion

  • Limited to 10 Sets Each

    * New Layout Layers able to display all the miniatures that came in the Indomitus and/or Dominion box set.

    The Indomitus or Dominion Display Sets will create the perfect home to display, protect, and store your favorite army.  Stop hiding your miniatures away in the dark.  Let in the light!

    Receive A FREE Transport Strap

    Be one of the select few to take home our limited release of these amazing sets!  Introducing our new Display Cases System, and Large Layout Layers.  These sets do not use a center handle, which allows you to use ALL of the Humpback Case.  Our New Display Cover allows you to see more of your fantastic miniatures.   

    Indomitus or Dominion Display Set

    •  One | 1" Humpback Display Cover


    •  Two | 4" Humpback Display Cases


    •  Two | Large Layout Layers (Marine & Necron) or (Eternals & Ork)


    •  Transport Strap (FREE)


    •  Humpback Transport Box



    Give Each Miniature The Respect They Deserve 


    Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dalton C.
Very Precise!

I purchased two of these. . I addressed some aspects of them in a Humpback fortress review (that really should have been on this product), but I oops'd. Both my Indomitus and Dominion version are just as advertised and fit all models from those respective sets well - with some minor angling for the units with spears. The large layout layers are excellent with tight tolerances. there is no wiggle of the layout layout whatsoever, and I would be comfortable moving (and have moved) the entire assembly without worrying about my miniatures shifting about - even without the magnets unless you feel compelled to angle your case in a strange way. I strongly prefer the uninterrupted view of the miniatures from the 'display' style of case that this provides. I am also a fan that the layout layers still work if flipped upside down. . .

Works for the Command Edition

I got the command edition instead of the indomitus set and it works well for it as well. I got various combat patrols and christmas battleforces to supplement the missing units :)

Exclusive Layout Layer

Use The Complete Humpback Layout Without A Handle! Designed To Setup Your Mini's In Multiple Ways.


Miniatures are not included. Display cases only. While we may depict images of other brands and/or products made by other companies for display purposes, such depiction is completely UNOFFICIAL and in no way signifies any product or brand endorsement by JRI.

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