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  • The Crystal Fortress Super Gold + is a guaranteed stick for building your models; and when you are in a hurry, use the Insta-Set Accelerator for fast curing. But if you go too fast and make a mistake, we've got you covered with some Un-Cure Debonder.

    Don't let your troops fall apart; get stuck and fast!

    • SUPER-GOLD+™ is an odorless foam safe CA. It is non-frosting and takes only 2 or 3 seconds longer to bond compared to Insta-Cure. There are no fumes that irritate the nose and eyes. SUPER-GOLD+™’s will not fog clear plastic. The perfect glue for all your troops and a great way to attach magnets to the troop bases for added display security when using the Crystal Fortress Magnet and Target system.

    • Insta-Set Accelerator can be used to cure all super glues in seconds! The accelerator will work on all surfaces and is compatible with the Crystal Fortress Super Gold +. Use it for all your troops, models, and crafts; spray the seams with Insta-Set™ for an eight second cure!

    • Un-Cure Debonder is designed for all super glues! In less than two minutes bonds made with cyanoacrylates will loosen, allowing your parts to be free. Apply the debonder to the seem, wait at least 30 seconds and then use a small rounded object to gently pry the parts apart.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris B.
No other super glue exists any more

the super gold is the best super glue ive ever used in terms of being low profile and leaving no trace. i no longer buy anything else.

All the hold and none of the frost

This was great in making sure all my magnets were in place without causing frosting!

Michael B.
Works great but use carefully

SUPER-GOLD+ works as advertised (dries in 20 seconds) but be super careful not to get glue on top of the base of the mini if you are gluing on a Troop Magnet. An instructional video with tips and tricks would be helpful.

Marshall F.
Super-gold works

I bought the Super-gold glue out of convenience and haven't regretted it at all. It surely bonds my board game minis to their new acrylic bases and as advertised within 20 secs they were free standing without frosting, even my Foot soldiers with minimal surface contact. 100% worth it.

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