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Get started quickly and easily with a Crystal Fortress® Starter Kit. Each kit allows you to build a 2" Case with Layout Layers, Troop Magnets, and Troop Targets all included. Just choose from our three case types: Humpback, Orca, or Beluga and you're all set!

Looking for that perfect gift, look no further!

Starter Kits are the perfect gift for anyone that plays miniature games.  With Layout Layers, Troop Magnets, and Troop Targets all included, Starter Kits are one click away to bringing a smile to that special gamer in your life!

They are also a great way to begin building your very own Crystal Fortress, or adding a special case to your collection that focuses on display.  Do you have a special leader or favorite alien xenos miniature?  Pick up a Starter Kit to proudly display and showcase them in a Crystal Fortress case that puts the miniature first!

The Humpback Starter Kit

Humpback Starter Kit packaging contents

*Robot not included

Crystal Fortress has arrived!

Crystal Fortress is here to meet the gaming communities high standards head on.  We take design seriously, and won't settle for anything but the best!

Let the light in, and give your miniatures the respect they deserve!  Pick up a Starter Kit today to begin your Crystal Fortress collection.

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Acrylic cases and covers for miniature table-top gaming

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