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    Silicone balls for connecting tab joints for display cases, display covers, and pods.

    Patented connection system requires no glue 

    Purchase extra Locking Balls for your Crystal Fortress®.




    •  No mess patented connection system requires no glue.

    •  Precision silicone locking ball securely holds Crystal Fortress panels together.


     Locking Balls are included in all Crystal Fortress product.  Purchase extra for replacement purposes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Always have a few around

Great for setting up the case!

Sam A.
Great, but forced buy

These are great, and you need them to assemble the case. The issue I had was when I first bought a few Orca cases, it didn't come with enough to properly assemble the case. These are necessary to build the cases so annoying when you don't get some. I recommend if you are investing in these cases to buy these to make sure you are covered.

There should be enough to cover. In the future, please reach out and let us know & we will get new ones out to you! Every order also gets a care package that has three extra locking balls and anti-skid pads.

Ricky B.
An essential part

An essential part of the case system, it's good to see that I can replace these inexpensive parts without buying a whole new case. However, it is worth noting that I haven't had to replace any so far.

Pat B.

Locking Balls

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