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Mirror Panel



    Want to add a bit of panache to your Crystal Fortress?  Look no further!  Mirrored panels are the perfect addition to any collection that needs an extra kick of adrenaline.


    Crystal Fortress Mirror Panel laying down on table


    These panels will hide the background and double the depth of any Orca, or Humpback case they are installed with.  Take your display to the next level with a JRI Premium set of mirrored panels!



    Amp up the wow factor to 110%


    Make it Bigger

    One mirrored panel will double the visual size of your Crystal Fortress display case.

     Crystal Fortress Orca Case with mirror panel

    See Both Sides

    Did you paint the back side of your miniature?  Now you are able to see the front and back of your mini's at the same time!

     Crystal Fortress humpback with mirror panel




    •  Silvered back coating makes for a perfect mirror reflection.

    •  Double the visual size of your cases.

    •  Hide the background and see the back side of your miniatures. 

    •  Replaces the slot panel of an Orca or Humpback case/cover.

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