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HUMPBACK CASE | Acrylic Modular Display Case

Size Guide

  • Choose a size based on the height of your miniatures.  If you need more space, add a Cover for those tall banners and dreadnoughts!

    Bring your miniatures the respect they deserve

    Don't forget to add Layout Layers, Troop Magnets, and Troop Targets to properly secure your miniatures and gain the full benefit of the Crystal Fortress Display Case System.


    •  Comes with center handle for easy carrying; Handle is able to be removed when extra space is needed.

    •  Maximum troop capacity 70 miniatures (25mm based).

    •  Patented connection system requires no glue and allows for easy assembly.

    •  Professional grade LuciteLux® acrylic offers brilliant clarity to showcase your miniatures.

    •  Acrylic parts protected by clear film to ensure quality.  Film must be removed before use. 

    •  Outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight will protect your miniatures.

    •  100% modular and stackable design works flawlessly with all other Crystal Fortress® Cases, Covers, & Storage Pods.

    •  Crystal Shards Replacement Policy policy protects your investment;  Replace a broken or scratched part for the manufactured cost of the part & shipping.

    Layout Layer Options

    •  Two Medium Layout Layers (recommended).

    •  One Medium Layout Layer; two Small Layout Layers.*

    •  Four Small Layout Layers.* 

    * Center handle installation required.


      Package contains Locking Balls and Case Pads needed for assembly.  All cases are packaged in retail boxes.  Layout Layers, Troop Magnets and Targets sold separately.

    modular stackable acrylic display case system


    Crystal Fortress brings the respect your miniatures deserves by showcasing them in beautiful acrylic display cases.  Stop hiding your miniatures in foam trays that break off delicate parts, or home-made containers that take forever to build.  Crystal Fortress is what you have always been looking for!

    100% modular display cases stacking

    100% Modular Acrylic Case Stacking System

    Sizing illustration showing acrylic case and cover height

    Create your very own Crystal Fortress®

    Use our Size Guide to help you choose the best combination of Cases and Covers for your miniatures.  From vertical clear space, to overall area, our Size Guide is your first step to designing the ultimate display case system for your valuable collection!

    Size Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Jordan P.
    Great Case

    The Case is amazing to setup and work greats. I got miniature in it already is

    Corey H.
    Great Case!

    The case is well put together and is perfect for transporting my armies! Haven't decided on the handle in the middle yet it is really convenient for carrying things, but it does detract from the appearance a bit. Thankfully it is removable, so I can decide in the future xD

    Will U.
    Excellent Product.

    Was easy to put together, looks good and keeps my models safe.

    Bob C.
    Bigger than you think!

    Here is my Falchion (Baneblade chassis) in a Humpback.

    Great Case

    I would like to order one of these without the dividers built in. But for all others these are great!

    Wonderful device

    Love the case and everything about it!! It finally settles my desire to keep changing my troop transportation!! Will be using it for everything from now on!

    John M.
    Absolutely love this...

    Worth every penny, fits everything I put in it perfectly even accommodating swords sticking upward and whatnot. With the lid on it has kept my models dust free!

    Instructions - Size Guide Specifications

    Fortress Size Guide

    Vertical Dimensions

    Horizontal Dimensions

    Base Sizes