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Transport Strap

  • Our Transport Strap transforms any Humpback or Orca Retail Box into a simple, yet elegant transport case that is ready for any light travel.

    Carry your Crystal Fortress® with you without breaking the bank!

    Just punch out the slots, install the strap, and enjoy our elegant solution that wont break the bank!



      Keep your miniatures secure and safe with our 3-button safety buckle.

    •  Crystal Fortress branded high-strength nylon strap.

    •  Transport Strap is able to hold a maximum of 11 inch units* worth of Cases & Covers.

    * Two 4" Humpback Cases + one 2" Humpback Case + 1" Humpback Cover = 11 inch unit Crystal Fortress



    1.  Find slot location and carefully cut top paper layer.

    2.  Be sure the buckle is turned outward and weave the Transport Strap through slots to create a handle on the lid.

    3.  Tighten strap to maintain constant pressure.

    4.  To help reinforce the box, place backer board (thick black card) under the lid before locking the buckle.

Display case for miniatures and gaming supplies

Fully Loaded Humpback Crystal Fortress®

Save up to 15% when building your Crystal Fortress!

Fortress Bundles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Simple but oh so effective

It's a pretty simple product when you break it down but it's very effective. Holds all my layers together with just enough slack to form a comfortable handle.

simply works

This is exactly what it should be, simple product, works well, adjusts easily, and looks good. The buckle is an extra secure buckle, which is reassuring if you are carrying your prized minis with it, but can be a bit more of a pain in the butt to undo quickly. Definitely the way to go, but expect a little difficulty unhooking it when you are done using it.

Love it!

Holds everything in place quite securely. A longer extension and secondary strap slots in the covers would be nice for those of us that would like to stack more than just the stock cubes though.

Excellent product

I'm very happy with the strap!

Very convenient

The transport strap is a must have for anyone looking to transport their fortress.

Transport Strap

Such a great addition and simple design. Has a good level of adjustability and really useful to assist on long walks to events to carry this great storage system.

Great product, great people

Product was great, army looks awesome in the case. I'm the envy of everyone at my local comic book store. The best thing about Crystal Fortress products is the exceptional customer service.