TRANSPORT STRAP | Nylon Strap with Safety Buckle

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  • Our Transport Strap transforms any Humpback or Orca Retail Box into a simple, yet elegant transport case that is ready for any light travel.

    Carry your Crystal Fortress® with you without breaking the bank!

    Just punch out the slots, install the strap, and enjoy our elegant solution that wont break the bank!


    Must use with a Transport Box.  Sold separately and with Bundles!  



      Keep your miniatures secure and safe with our 3-button safety buckle.

    •  Crystal Fortress branded high-strength nylon strap.

    •  Transport Strap is able to hold a maximum of 11 inch units* worth of Cases & Covers.

    * Two 4" Humpback Cases + one 2" Humpback Case + 1" Humpback Cover = 11 inch unit Crystal Fortress



    1.  Find slot location and carefully cut top paper layer.

    2.  Be sure the buckle is turned outward and weave the Transport Strap through slots to create a handle on the lid.

    3.  Tighten strap to maintain constant pressure.

    4.  To help reinforce the box, place backer board (thick black card) under the lid before locking the buckle.

    5. Make sure that cases you strap are stacked and level at the top.  Do NOT use if the cases are uneven on the top layer.

Display case for miniatures and gaming supplies

Fully Loaded Humpback Crystal Fortress®

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
It works, but…

The nylon strap works, but it does NOT fit well with the transport case. I had to widen the slits for the buckle to fit through. Interesting concept, ok execution.

I am looking forward to a carrying bag.

Turns your case into a travel kit

I bought the cases to make it easy to take minis to my local game store. Having the strap makes it very easy to carry around.

Jesse R.

dont fully trust the strap.. i did and my whole fortress came crashing to the ground and broke in several places.. it was devastating i wanted to cry.

Corey H.
Solid strap

This is a good quality strap. It locks in three places instead of only with the clasps which makes me feel like it is even more secure. Great product.

Mathew B.
Must Have to travel

If you want to showcase, this is a must have. Traveling with it is good if you have a full box, so be aware of how you strap it together.

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